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Valuable Islamic Quotes


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♥ The best love story for a Muslim would be finding the one who would make his/her Imaan rise, who would accompany one in racing towards the pleasure of Allah & His beautiful Jannah! What could be more blessed & sweeter than that?

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Food for Thought~ not for Stomachs!



Abû Al-Dardâ`~ [Allâh be pleased with him] ~used to say:-


“Learn knowledge before it is taken away, and it is taken away by its people (scholars) being taken away.


The scholar and the student are partners in good and there is no good in any other people.


The richest of men is the knowledgeable man whose knowledge is needed!


he benefits those who need him and if done without, he benefits himself with the knowledge Allâh [Azza wa Jall ]has placed with him.


So how is it I see your scholars dying yet the ignorant amongst you not learning?


I fear that the predecessor will depart and the successor will not learn.


If the scholar studies,

he only increases in knowledge,


and he does not take anything away from knowledge.


And if the ignorant studies,

he will find knowledge firm and established.


So how is it that I see you full up with food, yet starved of knowledge?”



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l Fudail Ibn 'Iyaad said;


Do not feel lonely on _the paths of guidance just because few people travel them_, and do not be deceived by the abundance of destroyed travelers [on the paths of misguidance].


[The Book of Manners by Fu'ad Ibn 'Abdul-'Azeez Ash-Shulhoob, Page 31]

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