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  1. “Trust in His timing, Rely on His promises, Wait for His answers, Believe in His miracles, Rejoice in His goodness, Relax in His presence”
  2. “What corrupts speech is lying. What corrupts knowledge is forgetting. What corrupts patience is foolishness. What corrupts worshipping is laziness. What corrupts circumstances is boasting. What corrupts bravery is transgression. What corrupts generosity is mentioning it. What corrupts beauty is haughtiness. What corrupts lineage is pride.” — Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hf)
  3. Asalamu'alaikum My sins seemed very great to me but when I compared them to Your forgiveness My Lord, I found Your forgiveness to be greater. !!
  4. Asalamu'alaikum "Do not depend upon the morality of a person until you have seen him behave while in anger." . . Umar ibn Al khatāb RA
  5. Asalamu'alaikum Avoid attaching yourself to this world or anything within it becasue eventually one will be separated from the other. LIVE TO LIVE FOR ETERNITY
  6. Asalamu'alaikum HOPE...ups & down, unexpected results & problems are part of life. Never lose hope in any condition because the darkness of night always finishes with light of day.
  7. Asalamu'alaikum The moment we understand that Allah's decision is always in our best interest, everything will start to make sense.
  8. Asalamu'alaikum The more importance we give to Dunya the more distanced we are from the Aakhirah!
  9. Asalamu'alaikum The only way to stop pain in your life is to accept the fact that nothing is yours nothing was yours and nothing will be ever yours.. They are world attachments: given by Allah belonging to Allah and return to Allah ♥
  10. Asalamu'alaikum “Watch your eye, should it ever reveal to you the faults of others, say to it: ‘O my eye, other people have eyes too.’” — Imam Ahmad Zarruq
  11. Asalamu'alaikum “Be humble and people will learn to respect you. Be arrogant and people will shun you.” — Omar Suleiman
  12. Asalamu'alaikum “The women are not a garment you wear & undress however you like. T hey are honored and have their rights.”
  13. When you're faced with a choice, remember this: Everything else will pass away. Your family. Your friends. Your material possessions. Your beauty. Your youth. Your life. And there is only one thing that remains. Ask yourself: What are you chasing?
  14. The heart that is owned by this life is a prisoner of the worst kind. The heart that is owned by any other master--than the Master of masters--is the weakest of all slaves. That is true oppression. True death...True poverty.
  15. Asalamu'alaikum Islamic Quotes “You’ve got to give it your all for Allah’s sake in this life to have it all in the hereafter.”
  16. Asalamu'alaikum Work for the sake of this life within the extent of your stay in it, and for the Hereafter within the extent of your stay therein - Sufyan ath-Thawri, when asked by a man seeking his advice
  18. Asalamu'alaikum Know this: Each time He withheld from you, He was giving you. Each time He broke you, it was to build you back. Stronger.
  19. Asalamu'alaikum The wise don't ask for pleasure or pain. They both fade and die. The wise ask for sufficiency and contentment.
  20. Asalamu'alaikum “Concern with this world is darkness in the heart, but concern with the Hereafter is light in the heart.” — Uthman ibn Affan
  21. Asalamu'alaikum “The best acts are doing what Allah has commanded, staying far away from what Allah has forbidden, and having sincere intentions for whatever Allah has required for us” — ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattab
  22. “Some people have the disease of criticizing all the time. They forget the good about others and only mention their faults. They are like flies that avoid the good and pure places and land on the bad and wounds. This is because of the evil within the self and the spoiled nature.” — Shaykh Al-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (rahimahullah)
  23. It is narrated that the Holy Prophet (saws) said that one who says the following supplication after each obligatory prayer during the month of Ramadhan will have all his sins forgiven up to the day of Resurrection: In the Name of Allah; the All-beneficent, the All-merciful. O Allah, gladden the people of the graves, O Allah, enrich every poor person, O Allah, satisfy every hungry one, O Allah, clothe every unclothed one, O Allah, help every debtor pay his debts, O Allah, relieve every distressed one, O Allah, return every traveler (to his home), O Allah release every prisoner, O Allah, correct every wrong in the affairs of the Muslims, O Allah, cure every sick one, O Allah, ease our poverty by Your wealth, O Allah, change our evil state to a good one through Your excellent state, O Allah, relieve us of our debts, and help us against poverty, Surely You have power over all things.
  24. Asalamu'alaikum Don’t change yourself only for Ramadan, but change yourself for your entire life.
  25. مَن قَلَّ أكلُهُ صَفا فِكرُهُ Whoever eats less, their thought will be more purified. Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)
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