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  1. Eye On Palestine (@eye.on.palestine) • Instagram photos and videos Note: Many posts have violent content which is part of the lives of the Palestinian people
  2. Following in the Footsteps of Ibrāhīm ‘alayhis salām By Shaykhul-Hadīth, Hadrat Mawlānā Muhammad Saleem Dhorat hafizahullāh Upon the advent of Shawwāl, the months of hajj commence, during which much mention is made of Ibrāhīm ‘alayhis salām. The reason for this is that during this time of the year many Commands of Allāh ta‘ālā are such that they are connected directly to the life of Ibrāhīm ‘alayhis salām. Ibrāhīm ‘alayhis salām was from the forefathers of our beloved Prophet s. He was a great Prophet of Allāh ta‘ālā and Allāh ta‘ālā makes mention of him with high words in the G
  3. Think positive, be productive What is Positive thinking? Positive thinking doesn’t mean ignoring problems in life. It means to approach the problems in a more positive and productive way. Expecting the best and not the worst! Our thinking often starts with self-talk. Self-talk is the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through our head every day. These automatic thoughts can be either positive or negative. If the thoughts that run through our head are mostly negative, our outlook on life will be negative. If our thoughts are mostly positive, the
  4. Mapping Israeli occupation AlJazeera In the following series of graphics Al Jazeera describes why Israel’s military occupation of Palestine remains at the core of this decades-long conflict and how Israeli colonialism shapes every part of Palestinians’ lives INTERACTIVE-Ethnic-cleansing.webp INTERACTIVE-Palestinian-residents-of-Israel.webp INTERACTIVE-Jerusalem-a-divided-city.webp INTERACTIVE-West-Bank.webp INTERACTIVE-Illegal-Israeli-settlements.webp INTERACTIVE-Israeli-Checkpoints.webp INTERACTIVE-Separation-wall.webp INTERACTIVE-Block
  5. Assalaamu 'alaykum Welcome to the forum brother and all beneficial articles are welcome however, advertising is not allowed. Please forum rules
  6. Yesterday, June 12, the Palestinian flag was painted on each door of the houses of Lifta village, whose residents were forcibly displaced because of the Nakba (1948), and the phrase “we will return” was written on the doors of the displaced houses, signifying the affirmation of the return and that we will not leave Lifta and will not allow the occupation forces to carry out their plans to destroy Lifta and build a new Jewish neighborhood on what was left of this village.The flags were painted in a specific position, a specific place on the sides of the doors, with a specific symbol above them,
  7. Obituary – Moulana Taha Karaan (Rahimahullah) The Ummah mourns the loss of yet another great scholar of Islam, Moulana Muhammad Taha Karaan (Rahimahullah), a renowned Shafi’i scholar from Cape Town, South Africa. His father, Moulana Yusuf Karaan (Rahimahullah), was one of the oldest and most distinguished Islamic scholars in the Cape as well. Moulana Taha completed his Qur’anic memorization in one year at the Waterfall Islamic Institute (Mia’s Farm), the oldest Islamic seminary in South Africa. During his stay, he assisted in the editing of the Qur’anic prints th
  8. Further Reading Articles: The Nakba - What really happened? - American Muslims for Palestine History of Palestine - American Muslims for Palestine The Nakba explained - Middle East Monitor The Nakba did not start or end in 1948 - AlJazeera The Nakba - IMEU Reports: Amnesty International - Israel & occupied territories 2020 Amensty International - Palestine (state of) 2020 Amnesty International - Israel must not be allowed its rampage against Palestinians Amnesty International - Israel: denying Covid-19 vaccine to Palestinians
  9. The Nakba Ongoing.... Save Silwan Save Sheikh Jarrah Stories from Gaza Arresting & Detaining Palestinians called "Operation law and order" Storming Al-Aqsa Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound on Monday and fired rubber-coated rounds, tear gas, and sound bombs at Palestinian worshippers The Village of Lifta Lifta was a Palestinian Arab village on the outskirts of Jerusalem. The village was depopulated during the early part of the 1947–48 Civil War in Mandatory Palestine. In July 2017 Israel declared Lifta (called Mei Neft
  10. Life in occupied Palestine Confisicating Palestinian land to build Jewish Settlements Gilo, a Jewish settlement in the West Bank, separated by a wall from the Palestinian city of Bethlehem. © Ryan Rodrick Beiler/Shutterstock.com Checkpoints There are hundreds of checkpoints, roadblocks and flying checkpoints in the West Bank, and between Israel and the West Bank where Palestinians must show proof of identification and be searched [Reuters]
  11. Horrors of the Nakba In less than six months, from December 1947 to mid-May 1948, Zionist armed groups expelled about 440,000 Palestinians from 220 villages. Before May 15, some of the most infamous massacres had already been committed; the Baldat al-Sheikh massacre on December 31, 1947, killing up to 70 Palestinians; the Sa’sa’ massacre on February 14, 1948, when 16 houses were blown up and 60 people lost their lives; and the Deir Yassin massacre on April 9, 1948, when about 110 Palestinian men, women and children were slaughtered. By the first half of 1949, at least 750,000 Pa
  12. Why do Palestinians commemorate the Nakba on May 15? The British occupation authorities had announced that they would be ending their mandate in Palestine on the eve of May 15, 1948. Eight hours earlier, David Ben-Gurion, who became Israel’s first prime minister, announced what the Zionist leaders called a declaration of independence in Tel Aviv. The British Mandate ended at midnight, and on May 15, the Israeli state came into being. While Israel celebrates May 15 as its day of independence, the Palestinian people commemorate the Nakba on that day.
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