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  1. Salaam guys, my purpose of this thread is that to get information about “How to Perform Umrah?”. Every year, millions of people perform Umrah and accomplish their divine responsibility. It’s my daydream to visit the House of Allah and Prophet’s Mosques and perform Umrah. But, I’m going to Saudi Arabia first time and performing Umrah first time also in 2108, Insha’Allah. And in the Holy Cities we can find the answer to this question, [Moderator Edit: Link removed] Because this is a place where people came from different areas of the world and show unity, peace, and brotherhood. But, I’m worried, how to perform Umrah? I have heard from many people about this and want to share with you guys and then kindly, guide me. The “Itimaar” is a word where Umrah is derived and its meaning is journey or visit. There are some steps of Umrah, • Wearing Ihram Wearing the Ihram in the Haram Pak at the Meeqaat • Tawaf e Kaaba Tawaf around the House of Allah, Kaaba • Say’ee To finish the Say’ee, walking 7 times between the mountains of Safa and Marwah • Cutting the Hair Shaving the hair off when coming out the state of Ihram So, guys, these are the points which I was heard from different people. But, I want 100% to confirm information about how to perform Umrah??? Because its religious duty and Allah don’t give this chance to everyone to perform it. May Allah help us. He is Kind and Generous.
  2. But, in anger, we can't remember this Dua. What should we do in that situation?
  3. But, how can we remain vigilant of Nafs in every situation??
  4. But, in some serious situations, is anger is allowed???
  5. Charity is best thing in the world. without it we can't survive.
  6. Btw, send a name of such scholars that you have known.
  7. But, real scholars and who close to Allah, spend a normal life and never show their abilities. Those people will get a high reward soon.
  8. To learn education is Sunnah and compulsory for all Muslims. Nowadays, without education, a person can't survive in the world. Everything is going to be electronic and they need qualified people.
  9. In simple words, Islam is the Religion of Peace.
  10. To get an education is Sunnah and Prophet (PBUH) emphasized on it. We must explore that why Allah sent down the human and our main purpose.
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