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  1. Arfatzafar


    I wish to know in detail if sh ibn taimiyya rh.a and modern salafis differ in aqida to imam ahmad b hambal rh.a?
  2. Why many Modern scholars are so rich. They live a luxurious life. Live in big bunglaws, have large properties. Maintain high status in the society. I know some of them.
  3. But I see our ulama on YouTube? The collection of their photographs can be googled as well.
  4. A comprehensive detail regarding the topic sadly we are still lacking in good schools.
  5. Allamah Kawthari’s Tribute To The Scholars of India Allamah Zahid ibn Hasan al-Kawthari (1879-1951 or 1296 AH-1371 AH) was the deputy to the last Shaykhul Islam of the Ottoman Empire and a peerless authority in the Sunni scholarly arena throughout the Arab lands. Being extremely well-traveled, and having settled in several countries including Egypt and Shaam, he was intimately aware of the state of Islamic scholarship throughout the world. Throughout his numerous works, Allamah al-Kawthari frequently refers to the brilliance of the Indian scholars, and the fact that Allah had entruste
  6. The rub is that our Iman isnt strong enough, so we need to work on it sincerely, seriously and passionately. InshaAllah all the prevalent adverse circumstances will be changed.
  7. I appreciate this decision of admin to verify the source of knowledge.
  8. Good thread! If we dont accept the truth and involve in polemics for the sake of discussion only, then This tendency is very harmful for Iman.
  9. Very true. We should open our eyes before they're closed,
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