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  1. Sheto converted from Hinduism to Islam to escape Jizya and adopted the title of "Khan" and then became "Bhutto". Thus began the corruption of Bhutto dynasty which continues to drain Pakistan, today! Next..
  2. 200,000 Rapes, 3 Million Murders and Genocide leading to Independence of Bangladesh?
  3. What was the point of Pakistan? Wasn't United India better for Muslims?
  4. Countless Muslim women are donning Pink Hijabs and standing in line to watch the new Barbie movie. In this video, we discuss the origins and history of Barbie and why all people of Faith, Muslims particularly should protect the Eemaan of their families from this filth! The origins of Barbie which has been whitewashed today was well known in the 1960s and Children were not allowed to play with it.
  5. Grew up watching this in Pakistan but here it is for those who live outside of Pakistan
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