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  1. You are referring to Jamia Zakariyya Darul-Imaan Wat-Taqwa at Karbogha Shareef and that is good to enough and it s entirely possible because of the importance to Pushtuns of this location: https://medium.com/@izharkhalil77/a-journey-towards-karbogha-sharif-6d776bdd4f58 Here is Rizwan talking about Taqdeer and help of Allah Ta'ala and there is no way he can say these things without some understanding of the Deen
  2. This Video may be removed from Youtube as content relating to Muslims (of India), Kashmir and Palestine is removed by YouTube.
  3. Deleted the Video because Mullah Syed Zakirullah Hashmi is not officially Taliban although he represents views which are endorsed so didn't want to ascribe policy statement to Taliabn which isn't official.
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