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  1. Ongoing and fluid situation so we wait and see...
  2. I am not an Arab I am not from the Middle-East I don't speak Arabic But why does Palestine matter to me as a Muslim and as a human? How did we get here through the lens of history? https://youtu.be/RbLEiTbzCqI
  3. I wanted the thread closed so people don't get confused and their acts of worship don' get impacted. I consign your "comments about my selfish" to Allah Ta'ala for the day of judgement, Insha'Allah. Since you have taken up the responsibility to answer, lets hope that that the forum has the decency to not ban me from my own thread and delete responses (if any).
  4. Wrong analogy, Qur'aan is memorized and read and Allah Ta'ala has made it so. Billions of women don't have their habit memorized and there is no evidence (in Islam) that requires it. There is also no evidence to suggest that women went around looking for a scribe to jot down their habits and there is no requirement in Shariah for that either. I am not looking for conjecture. Please delete this thread as it may cause confusion among Sisters. Nobody is actually grasping what I am asking and what I asked Mufti Saheb so please delete. I got my answer from Mufti Saheb and he ag
  5. How did they do that in the time of Sahabah (RA)? Do you have any evidence of women keeping dates? What about women who cannot read or write?
  6. You have responded with a how and not a why? And not the fact that all of this would not have been possible in the time of Sahaba (RA) and vast majority of Muslim women cannot and unable to do this.
  7. I have never understood as to why there are a billion courses, gazillion articles and trillion apps to keep track of a Mas'ala which has affected mankind from day one. There is absolutely no way that Sahabiyyat kept track of calendars or took extensive notes and a large number of Muslim women cannot read or write. I spoke to Mufti Asadullah Shehbaz (HA) at Jamiatur-Rasheed (Karachi) and before I share his answer, I would like to hear from a Sister as to why this issue is so complex that it needs tables and Apps to track?
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