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  1. Ramadhan Activities for Children

    I think, we spend some time on kids to teach them, how fasting is important and what is its significance.
  2. What to do after Ramadhan

    Thank you, Sister, Really great post you have shared. I appreciate it
  3. Cure for Worries

    Really great post brother. :)
  4. Suicide is not the Answer

    Yes, I know that suicide is the Haram in the Islam. But, what should we do when we are alone in this world and no one helps us??? At that moment, suicide is the best option for that person.
  5. For those who are not able to do Hajj this year

    Thank you, for helping us. I really want to go and perform Hajj and Umrah. But, can't go some personal reason.
  6. Sunnats and Aadaab of Eid

    can we keep fasting on the Day of Eid??? Kindly inform me in the light of Hadiths and Quran.
  7. The Benefits of Honey

    Thank you, such a great and knowledgeable post.
  8. Zaitoon (Olive) is Cure for Seventy Diseases

    Indeed, Zaitoon is curable for disease and the Great Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) told the Muslims and which is an inexpensive way of cure.
  9. All About Zamzam

    Can we take bath with ZamZam Water? Please guide.
  10. According to Scientists, Earth will be destroyed soon, is it correct in the light of Islam ???
  11. Women and household work !

  12. MOTHER

    I think mother is the best and precious person and always takes care of her. Really nice post.
  13. Women and household work !

    Thank you brother, such an informative post you have shared and I think my concept regarding working sisters is cleared.
  14. Quran - The Book of Allah

    Thank you for correcting me. :) I updated my comment.
  15. Bermuda Triangle: Facts vs Fiction

    I'm very curious about Bermuda Triangle and kindly share some more stuff and facts about it because your link is not working. Thank you :)