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Afghanistan & Taliban

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If someone can help, I want to understand how the general people of Afghanistan feel about the Taliban being in power. There are reports of people trying to flee, to the extent of hanging on to a plane and people panicking and leaving Kabul. Are the Taliban feared in Afghanistan?

Where do i read or listen to unbiased reports?


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2 hours ago, ummtaalib said:

What about the reaction of the Pakistani government, Ulama  and general public?

Alhamdulillah people are expressing happiness and the Ulama have advised everyone to remain humble as it's the sunnah of Rasulullah ﷺ after gaining victory. The so called liberals of Pakistan are once again enraged. And the government is going to have positive relations with the Taliban InshaAllah.

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Jazaakallaahu khayran for showing the true situation... We need more of this for a while....especially regarding women's situation whcih is being really played up by the media. They have to find something I suppose since their is none of what they expected!

One point: regarding number 3 "Revenge attacks" - does not the reporter mean revenge attacks on those who worked with the previous government? It didnt look like she meant the Shia?



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