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Information & Artcles on preparations for Ramadhaan


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Ramadan – Useful Information



The following is a collection of the titles with information regarding Ramadan, Fasting, Zakat, Eid, Sadaqatul Fitr and Shawwal. Cick on the titles to access the articles.


  1. How to make the most out of Ramadan (also useful for non-Muslims) 
  2. The Night of Power
  3. Can there by any reward better than Jannah
  4. Performing Ghusl after Maghrib in the final ten nights of Ramadan
  5. Keeping restaurant open in Ramadan 


  1. Will fasting for 12 hours or following the fasting times of Saudi Arabia suffice for Muslims in the UK 
  2. Masnoon Iftar Du’as (Poster version available) 
  3. Iftar Du’a Query 
  4. Iftar Du’a Timing Query 
  5. Iftar Duaa Query (Ya Wasi al-Fadl Igfir Li) 
  6. What nullifies the fast and what does not (Poster version available) 
  7. Smoking and injections whilst fasting
  8. Is it permissible to give Fidyah instead of fasting in Ramadan?
  9. Husband and wife intimacy for those following the earlier Fajr fatwa
  10. Fasting for breastfeeding mother
  11. Masturbation whilst fasting
  12. Dehydration and breaking fast


  1. Tasbih of Tarawih (Ask Imam) 
  2. Sunnah Qira’ah for Witr Salah 
  3. Supplication after Witr Salah
  4. Tarawih Salah Time 
  5. Reciting 20 Surahs in Tahajjud and reciting extremely fast
  6. Completing the Qur’an on 27th night of Ramadan
  7. Congregational Tahajjud Salah


  1. ‘Umrah from Tan’īm is not an innovation
  2. Travelling for ‘Umrah whilst menstruating 
  3. Menstruating woman unable to perform ‘Umrah due to limited stay in Saudi Arabia
  4. Query regarding menstruating woman unable to perform ‘Umrah due to limited stay in Saudi Arabia 
  5. Woman in menses travelling for ʿUmrah
  6. Witr Salah in Makkah and Madinah 
  7. Intention for Witr Salah in Haramayn
  8. Literal and technical definition of ʿUmrah
  9. Passing Miqat without Ihram
  10. ʿUmrah Query
  11. Is Taif in Ḥill or outside of Ḥill


  1. Zakah Guidelines (Darul Ihsan) 
  2. Do you know what you own? 
  3. Zakah on jewellery 
  4. Dua when giving Zakah
  5. Difference between Zakat and Sadaqah al-Fitr 
  6. Zakat on Machinery 
  7. Zakat on money earmarked for house purchase
  8. Giving Nafl Sadaqah to a rich person
  9. Using Zakat for social cohesion and integration programmes
  10. Meaning of Zakat, Sadaqah and Lillah
  11. Zakat for Muslims
  12. Sending Zakat funds abroad


  1. Sadaqah al-Fitr Calculation for Blackburn
  2. Sadaqah al-Fitr for newborn baby 
  3. Where should Sadaqah al-Fitr be donated 
  4. Ṣadaqah al-Fiṭr for Muslims


  1. Sunnah Recitation for Eid Salah 
  2. Eid Salah and Jumuah Salah on the same day


  1. Six Fasts of Shawwal 
  2. An expositive treatise on the six fasts of Shawwal
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Ramadan Publications (livewithallah.com)

Short Summary

This Ramaḍān, raise the bar by learning and reflecting about the inner dimensions of fasting, the night prayer, iʿtikāf, Laylat al-Qadr and much more.

Journey to Allah in Ramadan (Detailed Book)

  • Deepen your relationship with Allah and accelerate your journey to Him
  • 30+ reminders to taste the sweetness of iman and worship
  • Just 7 minutes a day to read!

My Ramadan Companion (Summary Book)

  • 30 easy-to-read daily reminders and reflection exercises
  • ‘Reflect and Act’ prompts to help you cultivate new habits
  • An abridged version of ‘Journey to Allah in Ramadan’
  • Just 4 minutes a day to read!




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