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  1. "Whilst In This World Shaytaan Deceives Us In
    Many Ways. One Way Is That He Makes Us See Our Good Only; He Keeps Us Completely
    Neglectful Of The Evil That Lies Within Us. It Is For This Reason That When We
    Backbite (May Allah Safeguard Us From This Filth), We Talk About Others Faults
    Without Realising That They Exist In Our Life. Our Mashaa’ikh - The Experts In
    Spirituality, They Teach Us To Always Look At Your Own Faults. ‘The One Who
    Recognises His + And – Points (Himself) He Will Become The ‘Aariff Of Allah
    S.W.T - He’ll Quickly Become The Walee Of Allah’."

    [ Shaykh Saleem Dhorat Hafizahullah ]

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The heart is like a vessel or a dish...and the tongue or limbs are spoons
fetching whatever is contained in the dish.

If the heart contains true
belief in Allah...the tongue will speak the truth and the limbs will act on

Let's focus on gaining authentic knowledge so that our hearts
increase in eeman, so that we increase in righteous actions and then reach the
ranks of true Mu'mineen striving for Allah's pleasure and His Eternal Jannah!

--Umm 'Isa

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"There is no doubt that
hearts becomes rusty just as copper and silver coins become rusty.

hearts become rusty due to two things:-(1) neglecting remembering Allaah, and
(2) committing sins.

The polish for these two things are: (1) seeking
Allaah's forgiveness and (2) dhikr." [ibn al-Qayyim]

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When you feel alone. When everything you see is dark and grey. When you taste the bitterness of defeat. When you cannot reach out and touch your dreams. When all hope seems lost. You can either let this be your breaking point, or make it your turning point. What’s it going to be?

Do not lose hope in Allah, for He is the Creator. He will create another way for you. Never get tired of asking Allah for whatever you need.

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