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  1. As-Salaam alaikum, In ayat 41 of Surat Ahzab of the Holy Qur'an, Allah Ta'ala says:-- "O you who believe! Celebrate the Praises of Allah, and do this often." (33:41) ..do this often.. what is meant by abundant Zikr? At all times a person is either lying down, sitting or on his feet. Abundant zikr refers to remembering Allah Ta'ala at all times in these states. A little zikr does us no good.. no benefit. "Little do they hold Allah in remembrance" (4:142)....as a result, "(They are) distracted in mind even in the midst of it, being (sincerely) for neithe
  2. As-Salaam alaikum, Welcome to the Muslim Believers drug store. It is very well stocked with what you need! Pill No. 1-- Say: "La ilaha illa Allah, Muhammad-r-Rasulullah" [ I testify that there is no God besides Allah; He is alone, He has no partner, and I (further) testify that Muhammad is indeed His Messenger]. Directions:-- Say it with belief and conviction. Effect:-- It will open for you the door of Power and Mercy. ...................... Pill No. 2-- Say: "La Haula Wala Quwata illa Billah" [There is no strength nor power save
  3. As-Salaam alaikum, In this matter of Remembering Allah always and/or Tazkiyyatu-Nafs, Dhikr (Zikr) is another name for Purification. As the Zakkat (wealth tax in Islam) purifies the wealth, similarly Zikr purifies man's self. As soap cleanses the piece of cloth, so does Zikr cleans the heart. As fire eats away the fuel, so the Zikr takes away the sins of a man who invokes Allah Ta'ala. As the rain makes the withered grass green and olive so does the zikr to man. What light does to darkness, so does zikr to man... it lightens darkness. So, let us be among the Zakirunallah Katiraan. D
  4. As-Salaam alaikum, In his book titled 'Ameer-ul-Kaunain (The Master of Worlds)', Sayyadi Sultan Bahoo, reminded us that Imaan (faith) lies between fear and hope. How do we mean? The Sheikh explains that "fear means that one should keep his attention towards the Doomsday, rather, view it before him with open eyes, and should separate himself from lustful wishes of the nafs. You will understand this if you recall ayat 40/41 of Sura Nazi'aat of the Holy Qur'an:-- "He who prevented his nafs from lustful wishes. Then indeed, Heaven will be (his) abode." (79:40-41) So, it
  5. As-Salaam alaikum, In ayat 112 of Surat Baqra of the Holy Qur'an, we read it that:-- "Whoever surrenders his whole attention to Allah while doing good, his reward is with his Lord. And for them there will be no fear nor will they grieve". (2:112) Islam means surrender. Sufism or Tasawwuf is the way to surrender knowingly, willingly and lovingly in every action. Surrender is an an on-going practice. Just as there is no end to Allah's infinite grandeur, there can be no limit to our willingness to yield to our Maker.
  6. As-Salaam alaikum, The Noble Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:-- "Whoever visits me without any intended purpose other than my visit, it is incumbent upon me to be his intercessor on the Day of Rising." (Tabarani No. 13149, Ibn Muqri in his Mu'jam Pg. 80 No. 158). And he, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, was also reported as saying:-- "Whoever [makes pilgrimage then] visits me after my death, it is as if he visited me during my [earthly] life." (Bayhaqi in his Sunan No. 10409).
  7. As-Salaam alaikum, In a Hadith-Qudsi (sacred report), we have it where Allah Ta'ala says:- "Allah created Adam in His image (Khalaqa Allahu Adam Ala suratiHi)", narrated from Abu Hurayrah by both Bukhari & Muslim. The word image (sura) here refers to man's attributes, such as hearing, seeing, knowledge and so on. Hence, Adam was created possessing attributes by which Allah has also attributed to Himself with the difference being that those of Adam are contingent and relative, while the attributes of Allah are eternal and absolute. As we are aware, man in his creatio
  8. As-Salaam alaikum, "O you who believe! Remember Allah! Continue to mention Him without limit, before sunrise and before sunset. He is the One Who encourages, appreciates and supports you all, and replaces darkness and tyranny with Divine Light." (33:41/43)- Surat Ahzab. So, we have to remember our Lord/Creator as much as we can.. Praise Him before and after work (before sunrise & sunset). Today, who remembers Allah when leaving or entering their house? Some do but not many, that is why it is said that everything is perishable except Zikrullah, which goes with you to Paradise.
  9. As-Salaam alaikum, Anas reported that the Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, prayed: "O Allah, keep me poor in this life and let me die poor." When A'isha, may Allah be pleased with her, asked the reason for this prayer, the Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said: -- "The poor will take 40 year march over others in getting into Paradise. O A'isha, Let no destitute go disappointed from your door; give him something even if it be a date, love the poor and let him come near to you, for then Allah will let you come near to Himself."
  10. As-Salaam alaikum, Abu Fayd Thawban Ibn Ibrahim Dhu'l Nun al-Misri, may Allah be Merciful to him, was asked about love. He responded:-- "It is to love that which Allah loves, to hate that which Allah hates, to perform all good, to reject anything that busies you from Allah, and not to fear any blame for the sake of Allah, while being gentle with believers, stern with disbelievers, and to follow the Messenger of Allah in matters of religion." ( Abu Nu'aym in Hilyatul-Awliya, 9/394)
  11. As-Salaam alaikum, The Prophet, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:-- "This world is the prison of the believers and the paradise of the unbelievers." (Muslim, Zuhd 3: Tirmidhi, Zuhd 16) Just as penalties of those perpetrating small crimes are delivered locally and serious crimes are sent to the High Courts, so do small errors of believers and close Awliya are punished swiftly and in part in this world, so as to purify them. But the crimes of the people of misguidance are so great, they are referred to the Supreme Tribunal in the eternal realm; mostly they do not receive any p
  12. As-Salaam alaikum, Being the nearest to the Absolute, Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, is the nearest created being to absolute perfection. This is why the outpouring of Divine Mercy from Allah Ta'ala toward creation is concentrated on him and radiates from him to pervade all the degrees of existence. And this is what is meant by the expression Sallallahu alaihi, translated as 'may Allah's blessings be upon him'. As for Wa-Sallam, which means 'and peace be upon him' it is the ability to receive this influx of Divine Lights and yet remain firm and serene.
  13. As-Salaam alaikum, Ayat 58 of chapter 36 of the Holy Qur'an, Surat Ya-Sin, reads:-- "Salamun, Qawlan min Rabbun Raheem.. Peace!- a word (of salutation) from a Lord Most Merciful!" This will be said to the companions of the Garden of Bliss (Jannah). On this, Imam An-Nasaa'i mentioned a hadith Qudsi:-- "In the Hereafter, the Almighty Allah will say to the Angels 'Where are My faithful worshippers, those who had firm conviction in the unseen?' then, they (the pious) will come forward, their faces are bright like the full moon, they will ride horses o
  14. As-Salaam alaikum, After the obligatory prayers, Tahajjud ( the voluntary night prayers of 2, 4, 6 or 8 raka'a) is the best prayer to come closer to Allah Ta'ala and, thereby, improve our spiritual health. And the best time to pray Tahajjud is at the last part of the night. The blessings of this prayer is pretty self-explanatory from these 2 hadith, in which the Noble Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, said:-- "The closest that a slave comes to his Lord is during the middle of the latter portion of the night. If you can be among those remember Allah, t
  15. As-Salaam alaikum, On the authority of Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, it was reported that the Messenger of Allah, Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam, asked: "Do you know who the bankrupt person is"? They said, 'A bankrupt man amongst us is one who has neither dirham with him nor wealth.' He said: "The bankrupt person of my Nation would be he who comes on the Day of Resurrection with prayers and fasts and zakat but he hurled abuses upon this person, brought calumny against that person, unlawfully consumed the wealth of that
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