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  1. It was me Sis. I was testing his account for content moderation issue.
  2. Assalam Walaikum everyone That option will be available in next version of our forum. But that will take few months at-least.
  3. I just want to clarify one point here. Statement which I have posted in first post is actually taken from a deoband fatwa and its not my personal view at all.
  4. Walaikum Assalam, JazakAllah for liking this forum and for posting suggestions. We are planing to upgrade looks and other areas of forum so InshAllah you will see the changes soon. 1) Sorry we dont have any such functionality as Islamic Calender for now. I am planning to create a separate website specifically for this feature so InshAllah you will hear some good news in future. 2 & 3 ) I have discussed your suggestion with Sis Ummitaalib so lets see what happens. 4) By halaal video do you mean video without any picture of human etc? I did had a discussion with our admins here and I suggested them to use any online service to convert video to audio (mp3) and than upload that content on the forum.
  5. MashAllah! Very informative topic I must say!
  6. Assalam Walaikum, Do you want your user account to be removed completely from forum or you talking about topic marking feature which automatically sends email to subscribed people when ever their is a update in thread? If you want permission for account removal feature than we cant allow that as we dont force anyone to register here. If still someone wants to remove his account than a simple email via contact form will resolve this issue and we will remove the account.
  7. I think you must search on google and you will see dozens of articles and videos about him. Try following link https://www.google.com/search?q=reality+of+dr+zakir+naik&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  8. Assalam Walaikum, I have seen loads of Dr Zakir Naik articles on forum. There are many fatwas from Daulifta Deoband against him. I have removed almost all of his articles from the forum. Please don't post any Dr Zakir naik articles and delete any if you see it. You can search fatwas about him on following page http://darulifta-deoband.org/ !
  9. Walaikum Assalam, We already have mobile version of this forum which you can access by clicking on Change Theme link from the bottom and than select IP.Board Mobile.
  10. Checking status update notification in shout box functionality...

  11. Islamicteachings successfully moved to new server. Now you can add topics and post and registration had already restored..

  12. Assalam Walaikum!

  13. Successfully upgraded Islamicteachings.org!

    1. SAFAH


      jazakallah khair .its great may Allah reward you for your good deeds.ameen



      may Allah accepts ur hard work br

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