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Valuable Islamic Quotes

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Mālik b. Dīnār said, 

❝If the dunyā consisted of temporary gold, and the Hereafter of eternal sand, then a smart person should choose the eternal sand and ignore the temporary gold!”

I say: ‘Well, then how difficult can our choice really be, when we know that the dunyā consists of temporary sand and the Hereafter consists of eternal gold?’❞

(al-Qurṭubī, al-Jāmiʿ li-Aḥkām al-Qurʾān: 20/22)

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"Verily the world is accursed and accursed is what it contains, except the remembrance of Allāh, that which Allāh loves, and someone with sacred knowledge or someone learning it." (Tirmidhī, Ibn Māja)

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