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O Allah! Protect me the way You protect a baby

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O Allah! Protect me the way You protect a baby


Over the weekend, we had guests who came to see our new granddaughter. As we sat, a thought entered my mind. I said to the guests that you have come from far and wide to visit the newborn baby. We are all fussing over the baby, yet she knows nothing. She is completely unaware of all that you have done and prepared for her. And you know that too but out of love, you came to visit anyway.

Similarly in life, we are constantly enjoying the blessings of Allah, and we are constantly under his protective and loving gaze. We do not notice just how much He does for us. But as we sit, stand, walk and talk, He is constantly preparing, planning, and protecting us. Hence Nabi ﷺ has encouraged us to make the following dua: “اَللّٰهُمَّ وَاقِيَةً كَوَاقِيَةِ الْوَلِيْد – O Allah I seek [Your] protection the way you protect a little baby” (Muslim and Tirmidhi).

On Friday I visited Johannesburg. I had planned to perform my Jumuah Salah in Mooi River. One of my friends in that area phoned me and suggested that I come over for lunch. After we spoke, I turned back to my students in front of me and I said to them that your sustenance will always follow you. I only made plans to go to Johannesburg but Allah planned further.

He planned what I will eat, who I will sit with and what I will do there. We plan a little and He does the rest. The least we can do is try to recognise His involvement in all that we do and express gratitude towards Him. The reality is, most lack the sight to see it, or are too busy in worldly pursuits to even care. May Allah bless us to be amongst those who notice what requires noticing, aameen.

— Shaykh Dawood Seedat حفظه اللّٰه

Above is an extract from Shaykh’s talk on 17/02/20 in Masjid-ut-Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg. To listen to the full talk, please click here.

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