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80 - الْمُنْتَقِمُ

Bint e Aisha

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الْمُنْتَقِمُ is translated as The Avenger and The Inflictor of Retribution. It comes from the root word “Intiqaam” meaning to take revenge. It is an Ism Faa’il so it means The One Who takes Revenge. This is one of the Jalaali Sifaat which shows the might and power of Allah ta’ala for those who are disobedient. It is a Fe’li Sifat i.e. the Sifaat that are enacted (Shown through His action).



It is The One Who punishes His disobedient slaves for their disliked deeds. The One Who, when He wants, He can grasp and take intense revenge i.e. there are no conditions or limitations after giving warnings, chances and opportunities to change. 


Allah ta’ala’s being الْمُنْتَقِمُ 

Allah ta’ala does not take revenge immediately. Intense retribution comes only after being given many opportunities to change. There have been many examples throughout history of people who Allah ta’ala took revenge from in this world. 


Fir’awn was one of them. Musa AS was put in water and he was saved and Fir’awn drowned in the water and Allah ta’ala preserved his body as a sign for people. 


Qaaroon was arrogant and proud of his wealth and he, along with all his wealth was swallowed by the earth. Namrood was an oppressive king who had Ibraheem AS thrown in a huge fire however Ibraheem AS was saved and this made Namrood angry and he disputed with Ibraheem AS. Namrood claimed divinity and along with his army was killed by mosquitoes. 


Abraha came to destroy the Ka’bah and he along with his army was destroyed by birds (Mentioned in Surah Feel). The people of ‘Aad and Thamood who claimed to be mighty and powerful were also destroyed. These episodes are showing Allah ta’ala's power of being الْمُنْتَقِمُ. 


وَمَنْ أَظْلَمُ مِمَّنْ ذُكِّرَ بِآيَاتِ رَبِّهِ ثُمَّ أَعْرَضَ عَنْهَا ۚ إِنَّا مِنَ الْمُجْرِمِينَ مُنْتَقِمُونَ

Who could be more unjust than the one who is reminded of the revelations of his Rabb and he turns away from them? Surely We shall take vengeance on such criminals. [Surah Sajdah: 22]


Allah ta’ala is revengeful on those who commit injustice and sin. In a Hadith three sins are mentioned for which Allah ta’ala punishes in this world;

•    Openly and knowingly fighting against the truth

•    Disobeying parents

•    Helping an oppressor


How much Revenge is allowed in the Shari’ah?

Taking the same revenge as the wrong done to a person is allowed in the Shari’ah however it often becomes excessive and it is better to forgive. Rather take revenge on the Nafs which makes a person distant from Allah ta’ala by not giving it what it wants or by punishing it.



To prevent one’s self from all injustice and refrain from anything which brings the punishment of Allah ta’ala.



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