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7 - الْمُهَيْمِنُ


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The Protector and The Bestower of Security. It is also translated as The Guardian. 



It is a collection of three Sifaat which gives the definition of this word:


1. That Being has to have full knowledge of the condition (Ahwaal) of everything 

2. That Being has to have full power and ability to take benefit out of that element or thing

3. That Being can obtain or remove the benefit of something regularly


Another way to describe الْمُهَيْمِنُ is that Being Who has complete knowledge of all hidden matters (Of the heart and everything else)

Yet another way to understand is He is supervising all matters of creation. He is The Guradian Who has full knowledge and the power of protection. 

Once again there is this concept of protection and power and being guardian which is very similar to Al-Mu’min and As-Salaam. 


How is this word Different?

الْمُهَيْمِنُ has the connotation of protection and supervision / tending to something and giving the ability to someone or something to protect themselves and Allah ta’ala has given everything a way to protect itself. 

This can be by means of the natural reflexes or instincts and other means i.e. the eyes are so delicate and Allah ta’ala has given eyebrows, eyelashes and eyelids to protect them. All of Allah ta’ala’s creation has been given some type of protective means. Flowers have thorns, birds have beaks, certain creatures have claws or horns, the jellyfish looks harmless but it can sting and the octopus has a unique means of protection where in times of danger it can expel water through the end of its mantle, propelling it like a jet through the water and it can squeeze its body through tiny gaps to shake off predators.

Allah ta’ala being الْمُهَيْمِنُ has given creation the ability to protect itself.


In the Qur’an

It is mentioned once in the Qur’an, verse 23 in Surah Hashr.



Imam Ghazali (Raheemahullah) says when we should be aware that Allah ta’ala is our Protector,  that He is supervising and protecting us. When a person is aware then there is security in life and it should increase our Yaqeen and decrease disobedience. 

Just as a guard is given the job of protecting something and he knows his job is protecting that thing, so we also have the job of protecting what Allah ta’ala has given us and to use it in the proper manner and when the time comes to let things go then to return it in the right way. 


Subtle differences in the names

We see subtle differences and nuances in the names which have similar meanings:

Al-Muhaymin – Guradian/Protector

Al- Mu’min – One Who removes fear

As-Salaam – One Who brings peace in the heart


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