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Bint e Aisha

Qurbani of Llama

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Q: Is it permissable to make Qurbani of Llama? It is an animal of your country so what is your practise in this matter? 


A: Maulana, I hope that you are well. Outside of Eidul-Adha we have sacrificed Llama, its meat is delicious and it’s low incholesterol. But in our country, we have researched with the farmers about its origin and they have stated that it is a hybrid breed and does not specifically resemble other species (although it may originate from them).

So it is permissible to eat.

But we don’t make Qurbani (Udhiya) of it because it is not mentioned in clear Nas of Hadeeth, we believe that just like deer (which is permissible to eat) llama is also not suitable for Qurbani.

Our second reasoning is that in Shariah forQurbani specific species, ages or shares are mentioned but llama is not mentioned.

There are plenty of animals which are permissible for consumption but Qurbani is specific. These animals are common in Peru,Bolivia and Chile and there are other species like this as well such as Alpaca.The injunction for Llama and Alpaca is the same for Qurbani.

Someone once did a Qurbani for it and I had a discussion with him on the topic (of Qurbani), llama is neither as tall as Camel nor fully resembles a camel so the analogy that it is camel cannot apply to it.

Jazakallahu Khayran

Maulana Muhammad Salman


Source: Wifaqul Ulama

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Q: Can llamas be used for udhiyya sacrifice?  Will the same rules apply as they do for camels (7 parts per animal/ 5 yr old healthy adult)?

A: If it is not a camel then it is not permissible.

أما جنسه فهو إما يكون من الأجناس الثلاثة الغنم أوالإبل أو البقر الخ (الفتاوى الهندية 5/295)


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