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An Effective Remedy for Ghaflah (being heedless of Allah)

- Maulana Hakeem Akhtar D.B.
If the nafs (ego) is not rectified and is lazy in performance of religious duties like Salah and fasting, etc, then one should meditate upon death. One should meditate upon the fact that one day he will be laying in the grave. What answer will one give to Allah Ta’ala at that time?
The person whose heart has become hard and has become habituated to committing sins should meditate upon death for 4 to 5 minutes daily. 

He should meditate (Say to himself):
“I have just died and after washing and shrouding my life-less body, the people are taking me to the graveyard and burying my lifeless corpse in the grave alone. My wife, children, business and home all have left me, and now, none of these things are of any benefit to me. Only my actions have remained.”
Death is a reality, it is definite, and how can there be any doubt about a thing which is definitely going to occur? Death is such a reality that even the kuffar (disbelievers) do not deny. Has any kafir (disbeliever) said that death will not come?
Therefore, ponder over the reason for us not performing Salah, and not paying the Zakah. What is the reason for us watching T.V. and V.C.R? What is the reason that we are involved in these evil actions? The reason is to pass time and entertain ourselves.
But ponder over the fact that when we are lowered into the grave, what will enter the grave with us? What will we entertain ourselves with then? How many T.V.’s and V.C.R.’s will we take with us? There will be no V.C.R in the grave, rather there will be punishment. Therefore, wake up from this heedlessness and do not entertain yourself with the disobedience of Allah Ta‘ala. 
"That slave who pleases his heart at the cost of displeasing his Master is in total loss"!:
Just the following statement is sufficient for the guidance of someone, ‘The slave who pleases his own heart (by living a life of disobedience) at the cost of displeasing his Master, is in total loss.’ i.e. at any time the punishment of Allah Ta’ala could descend upon him. Allah Ta’ala is giving us chance after chance in hope that we will rectify ourselves. 

Nabi (saw) says,
“Remembrance of death is a sufficient lecturer and preacher.”
It is sufficient for guidance. It recharges one’s spiritual battery.
  {In another hadith it is mentioned, “Keep much the remembrance of death, which is the destroyer of pleasures.” [Tirmidhi] }
One should also sit in pious company. Wherever there is any beneficial Deeni talk, then go there. Look! How far our pious predecessors used to travel to learn Deen!
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