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10 foods which are beneficial for dental health

Bint e Aisha

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10 Foods which are beneficial for Dental Health


Cheese – Cheese is rich in calcium and thus helps protect teeth by re-mineralizing the enamel which is essential to avoid cavities. Thus it is recommended that one should eat cheese at the end of the meal and also purchase a brand that has high calcium content.

Fish – Fish contain fluoride, which strengthens the enamel and helps fight cavities. In fact, fluoride also protects the teeth by making them more resistant to the attacks of bacteria that are present in dental plaque. It is recommended to add fish in your diet twice a week.

Green vegetables – Green vegetables contain no sugar and acid thus if one wants to take care of their teeth then they should not hesitate to consume green vegetables. Citrus fruits, apple juice or tomatoes which are generally considered very healthy and rightly so may cause demineralization of the teeth. Finally, green vegetables are often rich in calcium and fluoride and vitamins that are good for the gums.

Dark chocolate – This may be a surprise but dark chocolate is not exactly an enemy of one’s teeth. There are tannins in cocoa that have a positive effect on teeth; it can also help neutralize certain bacteria.

Butter – Rich in calcium, butter is also beneficial for one’s teeth. Butter can help in the re-mineralization of the enamel. However, only moderate consumption is recommended because of its high lipid content.

Meat – Meat is a good for oral health as it does not contain carbohydrates (sugars). It also provides amino acids, vitamins and trace elements. Eating meat also stimulates the production of saliva which plays a protective role for the teeth.

Nuts – Nut are rich in calcium and fluoride which is beneficial for the teeth. Also because of the hard texture of nuts they have to be chewed which increase the production of saliva and thus neutralize acids.

Cruciferous vegetables – Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli are rich in vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. Thus they not only protect the gums but also help in mineralization of the enamel.

Pulses – Pulses like split peas, chickpeas, and dried beans contain fluoride. Fluoride is beneficial for protection against cavities and for the mineralization of teeth.

Carrots and Cabbage – Raw carrot and cabbage can also be beneficial for oral health for the simple reason that they promote chewing. Food items that promote chewing enable manual mechanical rubbing which helps remove dental plaque, food debris and bacteria. Also chewing promotes the creation of saliva that neutralizes the acids that have formed in the tooth enamel.

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