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Special Laws for Females


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السلام علیکم 

I have a question. On page number 9, it says:

Question: If a woman generally bleeds for 7 days instead of 10 days then must she wait for 10 days or not.

Answer: As I have explained earlier, the minimum period of bleeding is 3 days and 3 nights. Therefore a woman who regularly bleeds for 7 days should not wait
for 10 days but she should make Ghusl and immediately start her Salaat on the 7th day. There is no need to wait for 10 days.



But elsewhere I've read that she will have to wait until the expiry of the tenth day and only then will she know how many days were haidh.

Please explain this.

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Ruling on end of menstruation is once bleeding has ceased,  the woman should perform ghusl and commence prayers.


So in the case mentioned at the end of 7 days when bleeding stops she would perform ghusl and pray however if bleeding was to reoccur after a day or  she would stop salaah and see what happens as it is still within the maximum 10 days.

Now if it ends within the maximum 10 days end she will perform ghusl once again and if it exceeds 10 days then she would perform ghusl after the 10 days end and commence salaah as it cannot be menstruation after 10 days.

If this is still unclear please post again 

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