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Ibn al-Jawzi رحمه الله: 

"I contemplated in amazement that every single thing which is precious has a long path, and the people become tired in obtaining it. And when knowledge was the most noble of things, so it was not obtained except with difficulty." 

صيد الخاطر

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Ar-Ramlī, the Shāfi'ī, rahimahullāh said:

من لم يكن يعلم ذَا فليسأل ... من لم يجد ‌معلما ‌فليرحل


Let him who does not know ask (the scholars) ... And let him who does not find a teacher travel (to places where he can find a teacher)


[الزبد في الفقه الشافعي، دار المعرفة - بيروت، ٨]

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