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On Knowledge


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Ar-Ramlī, the Shāfi'ī, rahimahullāh said:

من لم يكن يعلم ذَا فليسأل ... من لم يجد ‌معلما ‌فليرحل


Let him who does not know ask (the scholars) ... And let him who does not find a teacher travel (to places where he can find a teacher)


[الزبد في الفقه الشافعي، دار المعرفة - بيروت، ٨]

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Bismillahi Ta'ala 

A statement is known among scholars, 

"صدقة العلم تعليمه"

i.e. Sadaqa of ilm is to teach it. Scholars mention another narration under this topic, 

"مثل الذي يتعلم العلم ثم لا يحدث به: كمثل الذي يكنز الكنز فلا ينفق منه"

Example of a person who learns and does not relay it is like a person who acquires wealth but does not spend from it (i.e. even in sadaqah and zakat)

(Mufti Abuhajira)

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Ibn al-Jawzi [رحمه الله] said:

«ﻣﻦ ﺃﺣﺐ ﺃﻻ‌ ﻳﻨﻘﻄﻊ ﻋﻤﻠﻪ ﺑﻌﺪ ﻣﻮﺗﻪ: ﻓﻠﻴﻨﺸﺮ ﺍﻟﻌﻠﻢ.»

❝Whoever loves that his actions are not severed after he dies, then he should spread knowledge.❞

[At-Tadhkirah, (No. 55) | Translated By Abbas Abu Yahya Miraath al-Anbiyya]

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