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Remember Death


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It was said to the Tabi'ee Salmah bin Dinar


"Why do we hate death"


He said "Because you have built this world, and ruined the Aakhira. You hate to leave that which you have built to what you have ruined"


‏قيل للتابعي سلمة بن دينار : ما لنا نكره الموت ؟!

قال: " لأنكم عمرتم الدنيا، وخربتم الآخرة، فأنتم تكرهون أن تنقلوا من العمران إلى الخراب " .

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Life is short


The Angel of Death came to Nooh and said: O longest-lived of the Prophets, how did you find this world and its pleasures?


He said: Like a man who entered a room with two doors, and he stood in the middle of the room for a brief moment, then he went out of the other door.


● [ibn Abi’d-Dunya’s az-Zuhd (358)]

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Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned:


Why do we not find the time to regularly engage in zikr and ‘ibaadah, whereas it is these actions that will truly benefit us after our death? We are all aware that our life in this world is extremely short and can be likened to a dream. When a person has a dream, he sees many things, yet upon awakening, he finds that everything has disappeared and he realises that what he saw was nothing but a dream. Similarly, when a person passes away, he finds that everything of the world has disappeared and only good actions remain. Hence, if righteous actions are not carried out during one’s lifetime, the life after death will be nothing but misery and destruction.


(Suhbat Baa Awliyaa pg. 205)

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I begin in the name of Allah (swt), The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful.

Readers, if you were informed that your death was very close by and that very shortly you would be meeting your end, what would be your reaction?

Most of us would be thrown into pools of utter horror and dread. Internally and externally we would begin to tremble with pangs of fear and remorse. To put it simply, our desire would be that death be averted in order for us to prepare for the hereafter.

Dearest readers, it is extremely vital that this moment of preparing takes place now. For, tomorrow may never arrive, and if death was to overtake us when we have not yet reformed ourselves and renounced our life of sin then indeed, we shall have to suffer the consequences of our disobediences.

It is only when we have become like those individuals who have become favourable to the Lord (those who follow the commands of Allah (swt) and stay away from the temptation of sinning) that we will begin to desire death rather than fear it.
We will view death, not as the termination of a life but rather like a meeting with the Merciful Lord. A well-respected Sheikh states that just as a bride, eagerly awaits the hours until she is united with her groom, similarly a believer awaits his death with greater desire and greater eagerness until the individual is united with the Lord.

In conclusion, we must continuously remind ourselves that the enjoyment and satisfaction we derive from this world is merely temporary. Death is sure to greet us very soon, but how death greets us depends on ourselves. Would you rather desire to be in a state wherein you are fleeing from the agony and torment of death or would you rather be welcomed by an angel of beauty, presenting glad-tidings of entry into paradise. The decision is ours.

I end with a supplication: Oh Allah (swt) grant us the ability to constantly remember death and create in our hearts the desire to meet You. Oh Almighty Allah (swt) grant us the ability to not become attached to this temporary world. Oh Allah (swt) it is the world of the hereafter that we desire, grant us Paradise and save us from Hellfire. Oh Allah (swt) forgive our sins, help us in staying away from sinning and also enable us to become practicing sincere Muslims.
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The Indiscriminate Nature of Death

qabr.jpgHazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Daamat Barakaatuhu) mentioned:

Death is not fixed for any class or age of people. It comes indiscriminately; whether to the young or old, ailing or healthy, rich or poor. Man needs to prepare for this moment. This is a sign of his intelligence as is indicated to in the hadeeth of Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). Life in this world is short and we have to make the most of it and achieve the most during this short stay.

In this day and age when we want to expedite all our affairs, we should also want the same for increasing our rewards in the Hereafter. One of the ways as explained in the hadeeth to achieve this is to recite the Quraan Majeed and ponder over death.


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Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (رضي الله عنه) used to say in his sermons:


"Where is the beauty and the handsome? Where are those who were delighted by their youth and good looks? Where are the kings who built cities and fenced them with walls? Where are the victorious in wars? They all perished and ended in the depths of dark graves! Hasten and hurry up [to do good deeds]; but death is faster.”


[Al-Zuhd by Imam Ahmad (2/18), Hilyah al-Awliya’ (1/34) and Sifat al-Safwah (1/261)]

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*When you die don't worry...*
*Don't be concerned over your decaying body..*

*Because people will take care of what is required..*

*They will..*

*1 - Strip you of your clothes*
*2 - Wash you*
*3 - Shroud you*
*4 - Take you out of your home...*
*5 - ... to your new place of stay (the grave)*

*6 - Many will come to bid farewell at your funeral - infact many will cancel work for the sake of your burial, even though most of them didn't think about advising you even once whilst you were alive..*

*7- Your belongings will be gotten rid of:*
*your keys*
*your books*
*your bags*
*your shoes* 
*your clothes*

*If your family are wise, they will give it to charity so that it may benefit you (in your record of good deeds)*

*And be assured..*

*That this dunya will not grieve over you* 
*Nor will the world*

*And the economy will continue..*

*Your job, someone else will take your position*

*Your wealth will go to your inheritors*

*Whereas you will remain to be questioned about every minor and major deed*

*There will be 3 types of grievers over you:*

*1- The people who knew you only at face value will say 'poor man/woman'*

*2- Your friends will grieve for hours or days but then return to laughter*

*3- The deep grief at your household will last for a week, two weeks, a month, 2-months or even a year ?*

*And thereafter they will add you to their memories*

*And so..*

*Your story amidst the people ended..*

*And your story with the reality begins...*

*And that is the life after death..* 
*Indeed, these things left you..* 
*1- Beauty*
*2- Wealth* 
*3- Health* 
*4- Children*
*5- The mansions and cars* 
*6- The spouse..*

*And your real life has started..*

*And the question here is..*

*What have you prepared for your grave and hereafter?*

*This reality needs to be thought over..*

*Take care of..*

*1- The obligations (e.g. Prayer..)*
*2- Voluntary Good Deeds*
*3- Secret Charity*
*4- Righteous Deeds* 
*5- Night Prayer*

*Perhaps you will be saved..*

*And don't forget to pass this message on to many...*

*وذكّر فإن الذكرى تنفعُ المؤمنين*

*'And continue to Remind.. For surely the Reminder Benefits the Believers..' (Qur'an 51:55)*

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Dislike for Death

Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Daamat Barakaatuhu) mentioned:

When Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) explained to the Sahaabah (radhiyallahu ‘anhum) that a time will come when the disbelieving nations will invite each other to attack the Muslim Ummah like how people are invited to a meal, they asked the reason for this. Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) explained two problems: (1) Love of this world, and (2) Dislike for death.

Unfortunately, this is the condition we find ourselves facing. This is what needs to be remedied and thereafter all our problems will be solved. One way of remedying this is to frequently think of death for at least 15 – 20 minutes daily. If we become afraid at the thought of death and the spectacle of the grave etc. then think of the great rewards in Jannat.

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‎كم من فتا امس و اصبح ضاحكا و قد نسجت اكفانه و هو لا يدري

How many youth were laughing in the evening or the morning

While their coffins were being cut out and they were unaware

‎و كم من صغار يرتجي طول عمرهم وقد ادخلت اجسامهم ظلمة القبر

How many youngsters’ lives were planned out

And their bodies are being put into the darkness of the grave

‎و كم من عروس زينواها لزوجها و قد قبضت ارواحهم ليلة القدر

How many brides were being adorned for their husbands

While their souls had been written down amongst the dead on the night of decree

‎  و كم من صحيح مات بغيرعلة و كم من سقيم عاش حين من الدهر

How many healthy people die without any reason

And how many sick people go on living and living

‎فلا تركنن الي الدنيا و ما فيها  فان الموت لا شك يفنينا و يفنيها

Do not rely on this world and what is in it

Because, without a doubt, death will cause us and it to perish

-Moulana Uthman


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