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  1. As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu dear viewers بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم بخط الثلث The aim of this thread is to post motivational quotes which will push us towards good deeds. May Allah accept it ameen.
  2. As salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu :) long time no see :)
  3. Inshaallah that I can be active on forum like usual. Jazakillah dear ablam
  4. As salamu alaikum dear ablam İ have question regarding what should we do when we see bad dream. In there it says that we should spit to the left side thrice and seek refuge in Allah from shaytan thrice and change the sleeping side. In part of seek refuge in Allah do we say the dua written below or we just say audzubillahi minashaitan nirrajim Jazakillahu khayran
  5. Alhamdulillah its good to see you too my dear ablam ;) JazakAllahu khayran for clarification. So my dear ablam what should we do, one says 3x other one says only dust the bed?
  6. as salamu alaikum i have question, dont we dust the bed thrice with the corner of cloth and second do we say the following dua while laying down or immediately after dusting the bed?
  7. Alhamdulillah after so long im back :) Posted by @Muslimjinn1
  8. I see... If they really want murids, they should change their mentality.clear their name become a proper tariqat. They cant anywhere if they are talking on and on about kashf.Kashf is a gift from Allah and Allah grants to whoever He will. If you want to show that you are authetic tariqat talk about daily amals, are ur talks inspires other to learn about deen? Are ur talks inspire us to follow Quran and Sunnah? If these are not present, no matter what you say, personally i will not convienced. I dont think anyone else will too
  9. It is so intresting that these kind of people come to muftisays...I guess they couldn't find new murids instead now they are trying websites...even this shows about them... a real murid/murida will never propagate their tareeqat. Even a shaikh also. I have heard many lectures and not a single shaikh propagated their tareeqat. Their goals are how can we implement more love in people's hearts about Allah and Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallem ). This is objective of tareeqat not searching for more murids
  10. İ dont want to even hear the word Qadyani.. İ can tolerate everything but when it comes to slandering me about making fun of Prophet(sallallahu alayhi wa sallem) i cant tolerate this...These people are time wasters, they only 'refute' their answers from their website..They twist words and recently one Qadyani claimed that they believe Holy Prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa sallem) as the last messanger... These people condrict with their words.. One of the reasons why we muslims are against them is because they believe another prophet has come after Holy Prophet(sallallahu alayhi was sallam)..I have taken the decision to ignore Qadyanis.
  11. Posted by @PearlofHaqq Hadrat Mawlānā Qāsim Nanotwī رحمه الله and Salātul Tahajjud.
  12. Audio of the Durood http://lovedurood.com/audio-of-durood-10k-virtue/
  13. Taken from www.lovedurood.com Here is the story The incident goes that a certain man was in debt of 1,000 Dirham with no way of paying it back. Not finding any other way he thought that the best advice he could get was from Rasoolullah salallaho alayhi wa sallam. The man then recited an abundant amount of daily durood hoping to make ziyarat (vision) of Nabi salallaho alayhi wa sallam. Eventually his hard work paid off and he was blessed with a vision. In the vision he put his entire heart out before Rasoolullah salallaho alayhi wa sallam mentioning everything bothering him especially the 1,000 Dirham loan. Rasoolullah salallaho alayhi wa sallam told him to go to Mahmood Ghaznavi and he will pay the loan off. The man asked about how to approach the King Mahmood Ghaznavi regarding the loan and he salallaho alayhi wa sallam replied, “The sign will be that you tell him that he sends 30,000 durood in the early part of the night, then sleeps, then sends 30,000 durood in the last part of the night.” The man went to the royal court of Mahmood Ghaznavi and there he explained his situation and mentioned the dream. Mahmood Ghaznavi began to cry profusely and paid off the mans loan and then gifted him 1,000 Dirham. The attendants of Mahmood Ghaznavi were puzzled how the king was reciting durood in the tens of thousands when they never saw him engaged in so much durood recitation. Mahmood Ghaznavi mentioned to them that he had heard Ulama discuss the virtues of this particular durood that one recitation was equivalent to reciting 10,000 durood. This durood has been mentioned in other books as well with nearly in the same wording.
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