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  1. Forget about their technology improvement we are giving them this chance... I saw the pics of Masjid Aqsa today, terribly messed up. we cant even protect the first qibla of islam. Technology is nothing if we (muslim) do what we suppose to do. We cant even spend our time to pray for 10 mins. Our mosques are empty. Did you see mosques full in fajr or any other prayer?Like i said before It will continue like this until we change ourselves.
  2. Aww its really sad that in someways its our fault. I read in a article. it said that Masjid Al Aqsa represent the current ummah :( there must be something we can do? Btw forgot to say Ameen...
  3. Masjid Al Aqsa closed by the Isreali goverment....
  4. As salamu alaikum Here is my suggestion. Since this topic is a complex topic. It includes Non Muslims and Muslims.Unfortunately many muslims themselves dont know about their own religion. So i think it will be benefical to create a sub folder in 'Non Muslim'. Also i think that this topic shouldnt be only on English. It should be on other languages too.Maybe that some members would like to step in and translate your article. I personally believe that it will not only draw English speakers but people from other nationalities. Not: sorry accidently posted the previous post. I editted it
  5. as salamu alaikum dear brother firstly thank you for this very well written booklet. I have a question what is the meaning of 'wird'. İ noticed that some chapters i saw this word, could you explain it?
  6. Since adopting a sunnah act will draw pious and the soul of righteousness in the persons body, since that the case, then we say that someone who doesnt adopt sunnah act will have bad company and having a soul without righteousness?
  7. I state this before so i dont want people coming to be like ' How can you ask this question?' so just to make sure and to show that im asking in order to understand better.
  8. ooo.... i cant say anything to this. JazakAllahu Khayran for sharing this information. True you are right.
  9. Because if someone wants the earn money from football most the case all it have is football... This just out of wonder please i dont want to be understood wrong, Is the money he earned from being a taxi driver manage his family? Would it enough for this person?
  10. As salamu alaikum I have a question... Since its impermisible for him to earn his living from football, where is this person suppose to earn money( if we assume all that he has is football)?
  11. Thank you brother, i now understand better
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