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  1. This is the stance of Islamic political parties: https://www.dawn.com/news/amp/1641051 I don't know of any Deobandi madrasah in Pakistan that does not hail and support Afghan Taliban. Ghair muqallideen / ahle hadith Ulama also support them. I've heard them showing approval and praising them in their speeches but I don't know if they support them in any other way.
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  2. I don't mean on this forum. On a different platform or it's own website which can be shared amongst various forums and social media platforms. It won't be easy, but doable if enough people are interested. It's just an idea.
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  3. We need to work on a comprehensive database categorizing the atrocities carried out by the US and its allies otherwise the information will be lost and people will forget. We need to include links and sources and also archive the evidence and testimonies etc before they get scrubbed off the net. Anyone available to spearhead this?
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