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Hair dye

Bint e Aisha

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Asalamualaikum scholars there is a growing trend amongst young people to dye their hair in different colours like purple pink or blue. Please can you guide on the permissibility of these acts.



Bismillahi Ta'ala

Walaikum Assalam Warahmatullah

SubhanAllah, this is the second time I have been asked this question in last week. 

In essence, this and many similar issues relating to clothing, beautification, adornments etc revolve around the same usool of fiqh deduced from the narration which states:

من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم
Whosoever emulates a qawm (a people) then he is from among them

It is from this that fuqaha' establish multiple rulings of emulation in such a way that a person looses one's identity and gets aligned to those he emulates.

A contemporary example I often give to the students who ask me this is the significance of Oilers wearing an Oilers uniform when playing with Flames. If an Oiler play enters the rink wearing a Flames jersey, would we assume that Oiler fans would tolerable of that behavior?

If our emotions for a feeble worldly game is such that, how is it that we expect Allah Ta'ala to tolerate his servants, his worshipers to emulate others who have nothing to do with Allah!? This simple example should indicate the importance of one's outlook, ones mannerisms, one's traditions and one's behavior. Whosoever abandons the general decorum of islamic behavior and mannerisms, and aligns with that of non muslims, then surely there has to be some rebuke in it. This life is, after all, one big test to see who will choose the best of options. 

Moreover, this "Tashabbuh" applies to all other "groupings" which have characteristics that counters islamic decorum.

Tashabbuh bil Kuffar (Emulation of disbelievers)
Tashabbuh bil Fussaq wa Fujjar (Emulation of sinners and trangressors)
Tashabbuh bil Nisaa' (Emulation of women for men
Tashabbuh bil Rijaal (Emulation of men for women)
This applies to emulation in acts, dressing, mannerism etc. etc. such that one would not be able to identify you as a decent Muslim upon fitrah (natural disposition). 

Once the concept is understood, then lets look at your question.

Dying of hair for men is acceptable when it is done for the right reason (white hair etc) through hina' etc. However, in generality, this is "Mubah". It is not permissible to use "black dye" as that has been prohibited by Rasulullah ﷺ. I cannot fathom a reason for boys to dye their hair for any reason except as a form of tazyeen and beautification. Hence the action inherently will have emulation of fashion trend or taking influence from others within it. It will thus not be permissible to dye one's hair.

But, for hypothetical sake, should someone dye their hair with coloring which is not out of emulation of non muslims, sinners, transgressors or immoral individuals, then inherently the action will be permissible. 

This rule of emulation also applies to women folk as well (i.e. with the intent of emulating fussaq etc.). However, if she does so as a means of beautification for her husband, void of elements of tashabbuh, then she will have a leeway. She must keep in mind not to expose her tazyeen (beautification) for public or non maharim in all cases. 

Wallahu A'lam

Mufti Faisal al-Mahmudi

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