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Places of worship not safe

One of the oldest churches in Gaza is the "Church of St. Porphyrius," which is an ancient Orthodox Christian church. The construction of this church dates back to the Middle Ages, specifically the 15th century. The Church of St. Porphyrius is considered an important historical landmark in Gaza and a site for prayers and religious activities.


The Israeli warplanes destroy the historical mosque of Al Omari in Gaza which was built 1,400 years ago. 20.10.23


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Monday morning saw some of the most intense and deadly Israeli bombings of Gaza since the latest conflict between Israel and armed Palestinian groups began on 7 October.

Here’s what you may have missed over the past few hours:

• So far, at least 400 Palestinians have been killed over the past 24 hours, and that number has the potential to rise as medical teams and rescue workers assess the full damage of the air strikes last night

• One Israeli air strike on the Jabalia refugee camp killed around 30 Palestinians.

• Dozens of Palestinians have been arrested across the occupied West Bank as Israeli forces launched a number of raids near Ramallah, Hebron, and Jericho

• Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden, released a statement in which they reaffirmed Israel’s right to defend itself before going on to urge for the protection of civilians

• Gaza’s hospitals are almost out of anaesthesia, in addition to fuel and other other necessary supplies

• Israeli air strikes have also hit near two hospitals: al-Shifa and al-Quds

Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye) • Instagram photos and videos

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Israel has killed over 5,000 Palestinians in Gaza since October 7th, including 2,055 children. At least 1500 more Palestinians are missing, likely trapped under rubble from Israel’s indiscriminate bombings. Still, Israel continues to intensely bomb Gaza – killing and displacing Palestinians, destroying essential infrastructure, and turning Gaza to rubble. Israel is committing war crime after war crime, with the US’ full support. That needs to end, now.

To take action against Israel’s violent onslaught, call your representatives to demand an immediate ceasefire, organize/attend a protest, post on social media, and speak to your friends & family.

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Look at these quotes by top 'islaeli' officials

Shaun King (@shaunking) • Instagram photos and videos

And ask yourself why these quotes, in essence with the top officials in Israel openly admitting war crimes and genocide, are not in the American media.

These are Israeli government officials openly admitting ethnic cleansing and the violation of international law.

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Message from Abu Ubaida, the Izzideen al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson

Speaking live on Saturday, Abu Ubaida, the Izzideen al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson, said that “Israeli bombing has killed 50 of their captives so far”, and that “Israel knows the cost of freeing their hostages”.

“The cost of the hostages is to free all Palestinians from Israeli jails,” he said.

Abu Ubaida said that the war was a “turning point in history and in the freedom of Palestine”.

“We reiterate to Israel, who are threatening daily about a ground invasion, we wait for you, we will teach you and the world what true strength looks like. We will meet you with strength you cannot imagine, we have embarrassed you in front of the world.”

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Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have instructed the 1.8+ million Palestinians north of the Rafah-Khan Yunis border to evacuate to Rafah—declaring the remaining 4 districts as combat zones.

Important Notes:
• “Israel” has continued to bomb zones declared “safe.”
• Many Palestinians either are unable or choose to remain in their homes in the evacuation zone.


subhi صبحي (@sbeih.jpg) • Instagram photos and videos

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@thecradlemedia A senior Qassam Brigades source told Al-Jazeera that 70 percent of "israeli" forces have withdrawn from the north and are now concentrated in the south.

He cited the failure of their operations and the acceleration of the resistance's operations against "israeli" troops in the strip as the reason.

"israeli" military surveillance footage of the Gaza border from 7 October, the day of Al-Aqsa Flood, has disappeared, "israeli" news site Walla reported on 3 December.

During a visit by a senior female officer from the "israeli" army general staff to the various division headquarters, senior officers in the reserves commented that "an invisible hand" had deleted videos from the various military surveillance cameras showing the events of that day, the Hebrew language outlet stated.

The videos were deleted from the military network known as “ZeeTube,” potentially to prevent their use in an in-depth investigation of how thousands of Hamas fighters managed to breach the border fence and infiltrate "israel" to carry out the attack.

"We sat down with one of the generals and were going to show him a video about one of the events, and we found out that someone had deleted the videos," said a senior reserve officer from one of the divisions, adding, "It was very embarrassing. Then suspicion arose as to why someone would do that. And at the end the excuses started that it was decided to give special privileges to certain officers to view the footage. Do officers in our ranks need privileges? It looks like a war between generals and officials. There is a feeling that everyone is now trying to take care of themselves for the day after," when an investigation into events of that day takes place.

Officials in the Gaza Division said that there was also a "disruption" in recordings of audio communications from 7 October. According to them, "Some of the recordings have disappeared or were simply downloaded from the network and transferred to another location at the direction of commanders. We are unable to hear them … Someone decided to transfer or delete them so that no one will hear them.

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A Nakba is unfolding in the occupied West Bank, too

Israeli forces and settlers are terrorising the Palestinian population in the West Bank in preparation for its expulsion and the annexation of Palestinian land.

Mariam Barghouti
Palestinian American writer based in Ramallah.
Published On 29 Nov 2023

Over the past month and a half, Israel’s genocidal goals in Gaza have become increasingly clear. Not only is the Israeli army mass-slaughtering civilians, but it is also carpet-bombing the enclave with the aim of destroying all civilian infrastructure meant to sustain life.

Hospitals, schools, water treatment plans, any source of electricity – including solar panels – warehouses and farms have been targeted. This has rendered the strip unliveable, forcing the Palestinians there into another Nakba.

But it is not only in Gaza that Israel hopes to get rid of the Palestinian population. The Israeli ethnic cleansing effort extends to the occupied West Bank where Israel is moving forward with a similar – albeit a more surreptitious – plan.

Full article here

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Via: @middleeasteye “I believe we’re going to take Mecca, Medina and Mount Sinai and purify those places.”

"israeli" writer and politician Avi Lipkin said during a TV interview that he envisages "israel"’s borders will extend “from Lebanon to Saudi Arabia,” and “from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates”.

The inclusion of Palestinian lands (and sometimes land belonging to Syria and Lebanon and beyond) in "israeli" maps is common among believers of the concept of "eretz yisrael" - "greater israel" - a key part of ultra-nationalist Zionism that claims all of these lands belong to a Zionist state.

Plans announced publicly by Zionists for a “greater israel” in the past have sparked widespread anger.


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