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Anti-ballistic missiles and rockets were fired from Gaza in response to the Israeli military launched air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Friday, triggering sirens in several Israeli towns and cities bordering the strip.

Hours earlier, rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Thursday afternoon, amid repeated Israeli assaults on worshippers in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque this week.

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Israel: Will crisis-plagued Netanyahu start a war to save his skin?

“A favoured tactic of Israeli prime ministers in trouble is to provoke a confrontation, or at least over-react to ensure one develops, and then send in the army.⁠

Wars can be expected to unite Israelis behind a failing government and silence the opposition while winning uncritical support from Jews overseas and knee-jerk sympathy from western states.⁠

Gaza has served this purpose repeatedly over the past 15 years.⁠

Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli leader immersed in trouble - of both the personal and political kind - far more deeply than his predecessors.⁠

He is in the midst of a corruption trial that is not going his way. He desperately needs to keep himself in power and pass legislation to weaken the courts if he is not to risk ending up in jail.⁠

But his so-called “judicial overhaul”, intended to give his religious extremist allies effective control over the courts, has triggered unprecedented protests across the country. Netanyahu’s polling figures have tanked. He would almost certainly lose an election were one called today.⁠

Juggling all these problems is testing the ingenuity even of Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and a politician usually ascribed a near-mythical talent for holding on to power.⁠

In such circumstances, the prospect of a war in the next few weeks might look attractive - a danger that has not gone unnoticed by Israeli commentators. Netanyahu’s government has already lit fires on the Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian fronts.⁠

However, despite heightened tensions, all sides - including Israel - appeared keen to pull back from the brink.⁠

Things have quietened down for the moment, apparently at Netanyahu’s insistence. He is reported to have overruled his far-right police minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, and denied Jewish settlers entry to Al-Aqsa over the remaining days of Ramadan, presumably to stop a repeat of last week’s scenes of police violence.⁠

Still, the question remains: might Netanyahu decide in the coming weeks that it works to his advantage to stir things up again?”⁠

Full article here
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The anti-smetic crow

A video of a crow throwing down an Israeli flag has gone viral across the web.

The clip shows the crow stubbornly removing an Israeli flag from a pole with its beak and throwing it to the ground.

The flag hung from the roof of a building in the occupied Palestinian territories until a crow, despite its small size, succeeded in snatching it and dropping it to the ground after several attempts.

It then stood firmly and steadily at the top of the mast, its mission complete.

The Palestinians who had gathered around the building to observe the unusual sight shouted and gasped in astonishment.

The footage of the crow went viral on the web, with many users ironically joking about the episode and some commenting on the “lesson” the bird seemed to be teaching.

One user said: “A smart Palestinian ‘antisemitic’ crow …”

“The animals of Palestine do not approve of the temporary Zionist conflagration,” said Tariq Shadid, a Palestinian surgeon and author of the book “Understanding Palestine,” in a Twitter post, adding that the bird was a symbol of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation.

Israeli journalist Nir Hasson took the chance to comment on the video saying: “God is undoubtedly hinting something to us, just not sure exactly what.”

Inspired by the crow’s actions, some users shared old footage of other animals tearing up Israeli flags as a way to show support for the Palestinian cause.

The crow’s actions come amid weeks of rising tensions between Palestinians and the Israeli military, the latest of which saw the Israeli Defense Force kill a Palestinian teen near Jericho during clashes in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

In 1967, Israel captured the West Bank, which Palestinians want as the core of a future independent state.

This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, the Palestinian term for the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the war.

See video here

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Gaza under attack...again
Israeli warplanes carried out attacks for nearly two hours starting at 2am on Tuesday 9.5.23 (23:00 GMT Monday).
Totally unprovoked

Palestinian resistance launched rockets toward the Israeli settlements near Gaza 10.5.23
Settlers seen running to their shelters on settlements near Gaza
Rockets landed in Tel Aviv

11.5.23 3 Palestininans killed as Israeli air strike targerted apartment in Khan Younis, south Gaza

25 dead (many of them women and children)
72 wounded so far...still ongoing


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As Israel’s offensive on Gaza entered its third day, here’s a recap of what’s happened:

• Renewed air strikes across the besieged strip have left at least four Palestinians killed

• At least 25 people have died since the start of the bombing campaign, including five children and five women. Another 76 people have been wounded

• The offensive, dubbed by Israel as "Operation Shield and Arrow," started on Tuesday with Israeli air strikes killing 13 people in overnight raids

• The Palestinian Joint Command, an umbrella body of armed factions in Gaza, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, launched rockets towards Israel in response on Wednesday in the counter "Operation Revenge for the Free"

• Egypt had been leading efforts to broker a ceasefire, however intense fighting continued in the early hours of Thursday

• Reports say Israel refused to commit to stop assassinating Palestinian in their homes, a condition put forward by Palestinian to agree to a ceasefire

Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye) • Instagram photos and videos

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Israel used Apache attack helicopters in the occupied West Bank for the first time in over 20 years during its Monday morning raid on Jenin, which killed at least six Palestinians and wounded 91.

The use of the US helicopter, made by aerospace company Boeing, is significant because of the heavy ordinance it carries and because Israeli Apaches are not believed to have fired missiles inside of the occupied West Bank since 2002, during the days of the Second Intifada.

While Israel regularly launches air strikes on Gaza, the use of heavily armed attack helicopters in what is essentially a residential zone is a profound sign of increased Israeli military aggression.

The security situation in the occupied West Bank has been deteriorating for some time, with Israel launching repeated incursions into Jenin over the last year. At least eight Israeli soldiers are believed to have been wounded in Monday morning’s raid, which went on for several hours.

Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye) • Instagram photos and videos


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Large-scale military campaign on Jenin

Israel has launched a large-scale military campaign in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin early Monday, conducting air strikes on several buildings as armoured vehicles advanced towards its refugee camp.

At least five Palestinians were killed and 28 wounded, with seven in serious condition, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

Medics say casualties are likely much higher but paramedics aren't able to reach some areas because Israeli bulldozers are blocking them.

The operation started around 1 am local time (11 pm GMT) when several homes in Jenin were bombed from the air. At least 15 air strikes have been carried out since, according to Israeli news website Ynet.

The Israeli military said in a statement it was conducting a "focused" and "extensive counterterrorism effort" in the Jenin area.

Military Spokesman Daniel Hagari told reporters they "did not come to occupy the refugee camp" and that the operation was not targeting Palestinian Authority (PA).

A military source said more than 1,000 soldiers are involved in the operation, including members of the army and the air force, according to Israeli news website Walla.

The Jenin Brigades, the most prominent armed ground in the city established in 2021, said in a statement it was responding with a counter operation aimed at stopping the Israeli advance into Jenin.

Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye) • Instagram photos and videos

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Life under brutal occupation continues....

Special needs boy shot
Israeli occupation forces shot and injured Islam Nofal, a Palestinian boy with special needs and severe psychological disabilities, near the southern military checkpoint in the city of Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank.

Killings continue
13 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem so far in August. www.instagram.com/p/CwCccIzIuym/?img_index=1

Destruction of homes during raids (2 days ago)
Destruction left behind Israeli occupation forces after besieging and blowing up a house in which a Palestinian man was inside before fatally shooting him during an assault on the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, this morning.

During this morning’s assault on Jenin city, Israeli occupation forces blow up a bakery owned by a Palestinian man.
During the assault, a 32-year-old Palestinian man was also fatally shot by Israeli occupation forces with live bullets.

Settler violence/terrorism
Um Safa is as an example of Israeli settlers' rampages in the West Bank.

In June, the settlers broke into the village, shot live fire, and torched homes with people inside. The Israeli soldiers were there to secure them.

The immediate goal was to erect an outpost by Zvi Bar Yosef on the village’s lands, while at a broader context, it is an act that serves the regime of Jewish supremacy. Apartheid. www.instagram.com/p/CwDXSFGouds/

In the meantime...
An Emirati appears dancing with an Israeli at a ceremony amid deepening normalization ties between the two countries.
(could be fake) www.instagram.com/p/CwBFP98IZzL/

Has Israel-Saudi Arabia normalization approached?

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As of 9:30 AM Jerusalem time, here is a summary of what happened:

On Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 6:45 AM, alarm sirens resonated across 160 Israeli settlements, commencing from the Gaza envelope settlements and extending to Tel Aviv. Subsequently, the Palestinian Resistance launched 5,000 rockets, resulting in casualties and injuries among the settlers.

Members of the Resistance executed parachute landings, while others seized military vehicles and engaged in confrontations with both soldiers and settlers within the outskirts of the Gaza strip.

Mohammed Dhaif, the military leader of the Al-Qass**am Brigades, declared the commencement of the 'Al-Aqsa Flood' war in a televised address. This was in response to escalating Israeli attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as aggressions by the Occupation Forces and settlers in the West Bank

The Resistance released numerous photographs depicting casualties inflicted upon Israeli soldiers and settlers, accompanied by videos showing the retrieval of some bodies to the Gaza Strip

Additionally, the Resistance targeted and set fire to Israeli military vehicles, capturing military equipment and transporting it to Gaza

There are anticipations of the Palestinian Resistance capturing Israeli soldiers and transferring them to Gaza. In the 'Ofakim' settlement, resistance fighters took hostages. Israeli media reported that the resistance had gained control of 'Kibbutz Baree' and the Sderot police station


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The latest from the second day of Al-Aqsa Flood Operation (8 Oct. 2023) from early Sunday morning until 12:00 p.m. (Jerusalem time):

💢 +24 hours of ongoing armed confrontations between the Occupation Forces and the Palestinian Resistance within Gaza envelope settlements.

💢Hezbollah announces its liability for targeting three “Israeli sites” in north Palestine. The Israeli Occupation Forces responded by bombing empty military tents on the Lebanese borders.

💢Ministry of Health in Gaza announces an increase in the number of martyrs from Saturday morning to 313 martyrs and 1,990 wounded with different injuries.

💢The Palestinian Resistance bombed “Sderot” Israeli settlement with a missile barrage of +100 missiles in response to the Occupation bombing of residential buildings in Gaza.

💢The Occupation aircraft bombed homes and residential buildings in the areas of “Rafah”, “Jabalia”, “Abasan”, “Al-Qarara”, “al-Zaytoun Neighborhood”, and “Khuza’a”.

💢The Occupation announced the killing of 350 Israelis by the Palestinian Resistance in the Gaza envelope settlements, among them 26 Israeli soldiers, the Commander of the Nahal Brigade, the Deputy Commander of the Magellan Unit, the Commander of the Communications Battalion, officers of the Home Front, 51st Battalion, 77th Battalion, and the Duvdovan. In addition to the killing of about 30 Occupation police officers.

💢Israeli Ministry of Health announced 1,864 injuries among Israeli settlers in the Occupation hospitals, 19 of which are in clinical deaths, and 326 are in critical condition.

💢A resistance shooting operation in Egypt targets a group of Israelis, killing at least two of them according to a preliminary outturn.

💢The Israeli media announces the killing of 15 settlers during clashes with resistance fighters in the "Mafkim" settlement, south of Asqalan.

💢The Israeli death toll rose to six, in a shooting operation that targeted a bus carrying Israeli tourists in Alexandria.

💢Military spokesman for Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu ‘Ubaida: “Al-Qassam leadership carried out a new infiltration operation during the last hours, and we provided the fighters with weapons, missiles, and equipment.”

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The latest from the third day of Al-Aqsa Flood Operation (9 Oct. 2023) from early Monday morning until 10:00 a.m. (Jerusalem time):

💢 The Occupation Military confirms engaging in clashes with the Palestinian Resistance in approximately 8 locations inside the Gaza Envelope settlements, the most intense being in Sderot settlement.

💢During the confrontations, the Palestinian Resistance captured hostages of Israeli settlers and forces.

💢 The Occupation Air Forces launched hundreds of violent airstrikes in the early morning hours on residential towers, houses, and mosques across Gaza.

💢38 Palestinian martyrs, at least, have been killed by the Occupation, nearly half of them are from Abu Hilal family, and 80 others have been injured, most being children and women.

💢The toll of Palestinian martyrs since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Operation has reached 493 martyrs, with +2,751 injured.

💢The Occupation Air Forces assassinated one of the Palestinian Resistance leaders, Ra’afat Abu Hilal, after launching an airstrike on a house in Rafah.

💢The Palestinian Resistance managed to reach 20 Israeli settlements and 11 military sites of the Occupation since the beginning of Al-Aqsa Flood Operation.

💢The Israeli Army Spokesperson stated that Israeli planes have dropped +1,000 tons of bombs on Gaza since the start of Al-Aqsa Flood Operation.

💢UNRWA announced the forced displacement of 74,000 Palestinians to 64 schools and shelters under its administration.

💢14 martyrs in the West Bank have been killed by the Occupation in confrontations with the Israeli Forces since the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Flood Operation, the latest is a young man who attempted to break through an Israeli barrier in Al-Khalil, as well as four martyrs in clashes at Qalandia checkpoint.

MetrasGlobal (@metras_global) • Instagram photos and videos

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Gaza is home to 2 million Palestinians, half of whom are children. Israel is massacring them, bombing their neighborhoods to rubble – and top Israeli politicians are using genocidal language to justify it.

It’s only been 4 days since Israel started bombing Gaza. Israel is telling the world they will attack Gaza for months. Instead of doing everything he can to stop the violence and save lives, President Biden is giving Israel the greenlight to commit war crimes and further atrocities. All while Members of Congress cheer Israel on from the sidelines and call for more Palestinian blood.

The scale of Israel’s destruction is already sickening. Palestinians can’t go on like this.

IMEU (@theimeu) • Instagram photos and videos

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The Palestinian Resistance bombed Haifa with an R160 missile (154 aerial km), which is the furthest range the missiles have reached since the start of the Battle, which indicates a specific missile capability that the Resistance is using and gradually revealing.

💢For the fifth day, the Palestinian Resistance clashed with the Occupation inside the Gaza envelope settlements, some of them in Sderot, and others moved from the Zikim base to Ashkelon, casting doubt on the claims of regaining the Occupation’s control over the Envelope.

💢The death toll of the Israelis has risen to 1,300 since the start of Al-Aqsa Flood Battle.

💢The Israeli Occupation aircraft continues its extermination war on Gaza, targeting residential buildings, and committing 23 massacres that caused the martyrdom of about 160 Palestinians, most being children and women.

💢The death toll of Palestinians, as a result of the continued violent and intense Israeli bombardment on various areas of Gaza, rose to about 1,100 and 5,339 injured.

💢Medical teams warned of losing the ability to deal with the injured due to the Occupation deliberately targeting hospitals and their surroundings, killing 11 of the medical teams.

💢In addition to the shortage of medicines and medical materials, and most importantly, of electricity and water, it is expected that fuel stocks for electricity generators will run out and stop working tomorrow, Thursday.

💢The Israeli Occupation’s violent and insanely intense bombing in several areas, targeted 75 schools and 10 mosques, completely destructed the infrastructure, destroyed 535 buildings, and demolished 2,152 apartments and houses.

💢Four Palestinians were killed, and 13 others were injured in a settler attack on the village of Qasra-Nablus in the West Bank, raising the death toll in the West Bank since the start of the Battle to 29.

💢Despite the Israeli Occupation’s continued closing of main roads and city entrances to besiege the expansion of resistance in the West Bank, Palestinians carried out 567 resistance operations since the beginning of the Battle in 190 confrontation points.

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‘israel's’ latest b*mbing of Gaza has accompanied a serious disinformation campaign.

Here are four examples:

1. It was claimed that ‘israeli’ soldier Shani Louk was r*ped and kiIIed by Palestinian fighters.

It turns out she is alive and in hospital in Gaza.

2. It was claimed that H*mas had beh*aded up to 40 babies but turned out that the ‘israeli’ Army had no evidence of it.

3. It was claimed that Palestinians had captured ‘israeli’ children and kept them in cages but actually the footage was of ‘israeli’ soldiers keeping Palestinian children in cages.

4. A tweet went viral claiming that Palestinians had cut open a pregnant woman's stomach and left the baby to die but it turns out that was a story from the massacre at Sabra and Shatila in 1982 committed by ‘israel’ against a Palestinian Woman.

Post from @mintpress

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“There has never been a clearer sign that not only is Israel prepared to commit war crimes, it is about to commit a crime against humanity”

Israel’s military on Friday ordered all civilians in northern Gaza, more than 1 million people, to move to the south of the besieged enclave within 24 hours.

Jan Egeland, secretary general of the Norwegian Refugee Council, said “absent of any guarantees or safety or return”, the Israeli demand would amount to the war crime of forcible transfer. “It must be reversed,” he said.

Tayab Ali, director of the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP), told Good Morning Scotland: “One million people are being told to leave or die from what is effectively an open-air prison camp.”

There is already clear evidence that war crimes have been committed over the past week in Israel and the Gaza Strip, legal experts and human rights groups have said.

So what crimes may have already been committed and what prospects are there for accountability?

Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye) • Instagram photos and videos

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The UN agency dedicated to Palestinian refugees, Unrwa, says it is no longer able to help the more than two million people trapped in the Gaza Strip.

“Gaza is running out of water, and Gaza is running out of life.  Soon, I believe, with this, there will be no food or medicine either,” Unrwa Commissioner General Philippe Lazzarini said in a statement. “In fact, Gaza is being strangled and it seems that the world right now has lost its humanity.”

At least 14 Unrwa staff members have been killed and most of their 13,000-person staff in Gaza are displaced or out of their homes, he added.

“There is not one drop of water, not one grain of wheat, not a litre of fuel that has been allowed into the Gaza Strip for the last eight days,” he said.

“The number of people seeking shelter in our schools and other Unrwa facilities in the south is absolutely overwhelming, and we do not have any more the capacity to deal with them.”


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