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Anti-ballistic missiles and rockets were fired from Gaza in response to the Israeli military launched air strikes in the Gaza Strip on Friday, triggering sirens in several Israeli towns and cities bordering the strip.

Hours earlier, rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel on Thursday afternoon, amid repeated Israeli assaults on worshippers in Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque this week.

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Israel: Will crisis-plagued Netanyahu start a war to save his skin?

“A favoured tactic of Israeli prime ministers in trouble is to provoke a confrontation, or at least over-react to ensure one develops, and then send in the army.⁠

Wars can be expected to unite Israelis behind a failing government and silence the opposition while winning uncritical support from Jews overseas and knee-jerk sympathy from western states.⁠

Gaza has served this purpose repeatedly over the past 15 years.⁠

Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli leader immersed in trouble - of both the personal and political kind - far more deeply than his predecessors.⁠

He is in the midst of a corruption trial that is not going his way. He desperately needs to keep himself in power and pass legislation to weaken the courts if he is not to risk ending up in jail.⁠

But his so-called “judicial overhaul”, intended to give his religious extremist allies effective control over the courts, has triggered unprecedented protests across the country. Netanyahu’s polling figures have tanked. He would almost certainly lose an election were one called today.⁠

Juggling all these problems is testing the ingenuity even of Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and a politician usually ascribed a near-mythical talent for holding on to power.⁠

In such circumstances, the prospect of a war in the next few weeks might look attractive - a danger that has not gone unnoticed by Israeli commentators. Netanyahu’s government has already lit fires on the Palestinian, Lebanese, and Syrian fronts.⁠

However, despite heightened tensions, all sides - including Israel - appeared keen to pull back from the brink.⁠

Things have quietened down for the moment, apparently at Netanyahu’s insistence. He is reported to have overruled his far-right police minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, and denied Jewish settlers entry to Al-Aqsa over the remaining days of Ramadan, presumably to stop a repeat of last week’s scenes of police violence.⁠

Still, the question remains: might Netanyahu decide in the coming weeks that it works to his advantage to stir things up again?”⁠

Full article here
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The anti-smetic crow

A video of a crow throwing down an Israeli flag has gone viral across the web.

The clip shows the crow stubbornly removing an Israeli flag from a pole with its beak and throwing it to the ground.

The flag hung from the roof of a building in the occupied Palestinian territories until a crow, despite its small size, succeeded in snatching it and dropping it to the ground after several attempts.

It then stood firmly and steadily at the top of the mast, its mission complete.

The Palestinians who had gathered around the building to observe the unusual sight shouted and gasped in astonishment.

The footage of the crow went viral on the web, with many users ironically joking about the episode and some commenting on the “lesson” the bird seemed to be teaching.

One user said: “A smart Palestinian ‘antisemitic’ crow …”

“The animals of Palestine do not approve of the temporary Zionist conflagration,” said Tariq Shadid, a Palestinian surgeon and author of the book “Understanding Palestine,” in a Twitter post, adding that the bird was a symbol of Palestinian resistance to the Israeli occupation.

Israeli journalist Nir Hasson took the chance to comment on the video saying: “God is undoubtedly hinting something to us, just not sure exactly what.”

Inspired by the crow’s actions, some users shared old footage of other animals tearing up Israeli flags as a way to show support for the Palestinian cause.

The crow’s actions come amid weeks of rising tensions between Palestinians and the Israeli military, the latest of which saw the Israeli Defense Force kill a Palestinian teen near Jericho during clashes in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

In 1967, Israel captured the West Bank, which Palestinians want as the core of a future independent state.

This year also marks the 75th anniversary of the Nakba, the Palestinian term for the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians during the war.

See video here

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Gaza under attack...again
Israeli warplanes carried out attacks for nearly two hours starting at 2am on Tuesday 9.5.23 (23:00 GMT Monday).
Totally unprovoked

Palestinian resistance launched rockets toward the Israeli settlements near Gaza 10.5.23
Settlers seen running to their shelters on settlements near Gaza
Rockets landed in Tel Aviv

11.5.23 3 Palestininans killed as Israeli air strike targerted apartment in Khan Younis, south Gaza

25 dead (many of them women and children)
72 wounded so far...still ongoing


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As Israel’s offensive on Gaza entered its third day, here’s a recap of what’s happened:

• Renewed air strikes across the besieged strip have left at least four Palestinians killed

• At least 25 people have died since the start of the bombing campaign, including five children and five women. Another 76 people have been wounded

• The offensive, dubbed by Israel as "Operation Shield and Arrow," started on Tuesday with Israeli air strikes killing 13 people in overnight raids

• The Palestinian Joint Command, an umbrella body of armed factions in Gaza, including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad, launched rockets towards Israel in response on Wednesday in the counter "Operation Revenge for the Free"

• Egypt had been leading efforts to broker a ceasefire, however intense fighting continued in the early hours of Thursday

• Reports say Israel refused to commit to stop assassinating Palestinian in their homes, a condition put forward by Palestinian to agree to a ceasefire

Middle East Eye (@middleeasteye) • Instagram photos and videos

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