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Some common tooth brushing myths

Bint e Aisha

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Most common brushing myths:

1. We should brush first thing in the morning - No, brushing should be done after the breakfast. This cleans the food debris left in our mouth after the breakfast. 

2. A larger brush cleans mouth effectively - No, a smaller brush can reach more areas and hence results in a better cleaning.

3. The whole tooth brush should be covered with toothpaste for good brushing - No, just a pea size amount on your brush is more than enough for effective cleaning.

4. Electric tooth brushes are better than manual tooth brush - Absolutely wrong! An electric brush doesn't know where you need more cleaning. With a manual brush, you can clean up yourself with manual pressures

5. Medicated toothpastes ( like medicare & sensodyne) can be used as a regular toothpaste - These toothpastes have chemicals that are to relieve some dental problems.

6. More aggressive brushing means more clean teeth - Again, absolutely wrong! Brushing should be done vertically with minimum pressure. This makes both teeth and gums healthy.

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