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CCD Moonsighting: Red pill or Blue pill?

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Saudi Arabia keeps on claiming Moonsighting when the entire world cannot? From New Zealand to California, the whole world keeps on failing to sight the Moon, how come?

  1. RED Pill: Spend 11 minutes, watch this presentation and learn how you are being fooled.
  2. BLUE Pill: Remain blissfully ignorant but retain your right to "rant" about Moonfighting and two Ramadhans and two Eids

So what will be your choice? Spend 11 minutes OR remain blissfully ignorant?


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Assalaamu 'alaykum warahmatullah

Nice to see you back brother CH..hammering away masha-allah...but preaching to the converted here. But please do continue posting your valuable contribution on our rather forlorn territory  

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