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Holiday Period

Bint e Aisha

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Holiday Period

Moulana Yunus Patel (rahimahullah) mentioned:

The holiday period – even week-ends – are a time of great test and trial. There is encouragement and enticement towards all kinds of haraam. Beach partying, intermingling and courting, immodest dress, loud music and dance, smoking, drinking and drug-taking become the programme and timetable for many Muslims. Salaah becomes a forgotten duty and the Islamic dress and identity are discarded.

The Muslim youth are supposed to be tomorrow’s leaders for the Ummah. They are to be the representatives of Deen, inviting the non-Muslims to Islam, with the modesty and purity of thought, speech, dress and actions, which should be the characteristic of every Muslim.

Deen and sharee‘ah do not stifle us, do not deprive us of pleasure and enjoyment, do not deny us happiness and celebration. Deen and sharee‘ah also accommodate leisure and pleasure. Islam is beautiful; most beautiful. Islam is not ‘dry’. It is enjoyable. Allah Ta‘ala has only placed certain boundaries through His Divine prohibitions, for our own benefit, safety and well-being.

So let us make the effort and avoid sins. Let us not walk the route towards sins. Let us keep clear of the venues of sins like how we would if we had fore-knowledge that there will be an earthquake, tsunami or bomb-blast devastating such places. We fear for our lives. The greater need is to fear for our imaan.

Let us not forget that we are Muslims.

Let us not forget our relationship with Allah Ta‘ala.

Let us not forget that death can visit unexpectedly.

Let us not forget that there is accountability.

Let us not forget Jannah.

Let us not forget Jahannum.

(Adapted from “Seeking the Shade of the ‘Arsh” pg. 92)



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