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Never miss your breakfast

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Never miss your breakfast 

Shaykhul Islam Mufti Taqi Usmani D.B states:

I was once accompanying my Shaykh Dr Abdul Hay during his travels. After Fajr I went to sit in Shaykh's company. 

Shaykh enquired whether I had had my breakfast. I replied in the negative. Shaykh further enquired for the reason. I responded that the hosts had yet not offered it.

Shaykh replied, "I am not enquiring about that breakfast. I am enquiring about the breakfast for your soul, which is in your control.

Take out some time in the mornings for Zikrullah, remembering Allah. This is the breakfast for your soul." 

Shaykh continued, "When a person has something to eat in the morning, it serves as energy and a source of strength for his body. If a person leaves home without breakfast he ends up struggling at work.

Similarly if you present yourself before Allah (in the masjid) and do Zikr of Allah swt, this will serve as a spiritual breakfast for you, and your soul will acquire energy and strength. 

After this when you go out you will confront your Nafs and Shaytan.

If you have had your spiritual breakfast you will find within you the energy and strength to combat your Nafs and Shaytan. They will then not be able to defeat you."

Darse: Sha'bul Imaan. Page 150.

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