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Durood Sadiqul Wa'd

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Durood Sadiqul Wa'd


Courtesy: LoveDurood

Consider the following 3 points and then read the durood after:

1 - The greatest worry of the Holy Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam was not Badr or Hunain or whether his family will eat or not but his greatest worry was whether he fulfilled the amanat what he was trusted with by Allah swt and delivered the message of Allah swt to the creation. And about this at the Farewell Hajj he asked all of the Sahaba ra and made Allah swt a witness over them.

2 - Among the etiquette adaab in Madinah Munawwarah at the time of ziyarat is to say (along with the salaam) that "I testify that you indeed conveyed the message and fulfilled your trust."

- Our Ulama say that it comes in Hadith e Shareef that each durood recited is delivered to the Holy Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam word for word as it is recited along with mentioning the name of the reciter and their fathers name.

I wanted a durood which would convey the message of fulfilling the trust and conveying the message of Allah swt and so a fikr was made and with the help of some ulama a durood was made with that wording and some seygas of other durood were added on as well. I title this durood Sadiqul Wa'd:



I hope that you will read this durood. As you will read this durood each time it will be delivered immediately by the malaaikah in the service of the Holy Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam using your name and your fathers name saying "fulan the son/daughter of fulan" conveys this salaat wa salaam..." and then the durood is conveyed. 

So just ponder that each time you read this durood the Holy Prophet salallaho alayhi wa sallam receives a message from you in which you are saying he fulfilled his trust and conveyed the message (plus the other praises in the durood).

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