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The Price of Paradise

Bint e Aisha

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There was a time when I used to think that why bad things happen to good people. That if circumstances and situations change one’s problems and pains are solved. 

I was wrong… 

I finally came to realize that no matter where you go, no matter what institution of deen you put your effort in and no matter what you do, you will face problems. 

I wonder what feelings did Sayyidina Nuh AS have had when he saw his son drowning as a disbeliever. 

And didn’t Sayyidina Yusuf AS feel bad when he was wrongly accused and jailed? 

And what was the condition of Sayyidina Ibrahim’s AS heart when he was leaving his wife and only son in a valley and when he had to slaughter his only son? 

How desperate would have Sayyidina Yunus AS been feeling when he left his nation without Allah’s permission? How much remorse he had been feeling inside the fish? 

What were the feelings of Sayyidina Muhammad SAWS when he was criticized and ridiculed by those who used to respect him for 40 years? How did he feel when his mother and then his grandfather and then his uncle die? Didn’t he feel pain in Taif? What were his feelings during the death of his daughters and two sons? What were his emotions when his two daughters were divorced? What did he think on the demise of his beloved wife? How did he feel when his beloved wife was accused by the munafiqoon? What were his feelings on the martyrdom and mutilation of his uncle’s body? 

Yes! They were prophets. But they were also humans and they were not devoid of feelings. 

No matter where you go and what you do, you will have to face problems. At home you will have to face those who are close to you but are sometimes disagreeable and difficult. At work you will have to face your boss. During dawah you will have to face mistreatment by your companions or from those who you are giving dawah to. Upon migration to the mountains, you will have to face harsh and difficult terrain, weather and a hostile environment. If you rebel against the government (which you shouldn’t) you will face punishment and torture from the authorities. On the path of jihad you will face pain from the enemies. 

No matter where you go and whatever you do, you will have to face difficulties. 

Alas! Those who recite without understanding are missing the miracle of Quran. 

Alas! The imitators are missing the blessings of Tabligh. 

Pain will not go away. New problems will keep on appearing. However, foundational ibadah (salah, dhikr, tilawah, durood, sawm etc) will make you strong enough so that you can bear that pain and will prepare you for practicing the advanced levels of deen. 

Finally, I realized that pain is not the enemy of a believer but a friend. 

This is because the price of paradise is PAIN.

Taken from Muftisays (by Sipraomer) 

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