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Striving for spiritual progress

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Striving in the path of Allah leads to taraqi/spiritual progress. When a father intends to gift his toddler a sweet, sometimes, he will hold it tightly in his fist. He will instruct the child that if you want it, open my fingers and take it! This child will pull and twist his fingers, trying his hardest to grab the sweets. It gives the father joy watching his efforts, so he holds on even tighter. Of course he plans to give it eventually, maybe even more than just one sweet. But for that moment, he likes to watch his child try. 


Likewise, is our relationship with Allah. He does intend to give you and I the bounties of the heavens and the earth, but it doesn’t come at a cheap price. You have to strive and that is exactly what he wants to see. Sometimes when we go through a difficult phase, it is Allah’s silent way of telling us to turn to Him more. That is all. He wants to see effort and sacrifice. He wants us to prove that we really want His mercy, closeness and grace. Once we do that, in a short while he will open the door to his endless bounties. 


— Hazrat Ml. Dawood Seedat حفظه الله 


Above is an article taken from www.islaahiadvices.com. It is an extract from Hazrat’s talk on 7/3/2016 in Masjid-ut-Taqwa, Pietermaritzburg. To listen to the full audio, please Click here.

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Dr76 writes: (Here


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Subhan Allah.. Ajeeb.. i was pondering over this thought today.. like how Allah سبحانه وتعالى makes us turn towards him.. 

Like a mother teaching a child to walk.. the child is afraid to stand.. let alone walk.. while the mother calls him with outstretched hands.. the child has made a comfort zone with things that would impede his walk.. he has a false belief of safety in his environment.. lies in dirt at times while crawled outside his house.. he doesnt know the joy in walking.. instead feels safe lying down crawling in dirt.. 

The mother makes cheerful gestures so the child could take a step towards her.. and as he does take it eventually she runs and embraces it with great love as a mother only could.. 

Our condition is quite similar to this child.. we have crawled out from the shadow of his merciful house.. into the dirt of sins where we have attached ourselves in one way or other.. be it our eyes.. ears.. hearts.. thoughts.. actions.. heedlessness or plain ignorance.. and he stands there.. arms outstretched waiting for us.. that may be today he shall do taubah.. may be today he shall come towards me.. and he waits.. showing his signs.. his mercy.. his bounty.. for us to just take that one little step towards him.. 

As he says in Hadith Qudusi.. “Take one step towards me, I will take ten steps towards you. Walk towards me, I will run towards you.” 

So when Allah has blessed us with Imaan.. showed us the path towards him why dont we take that one step towards him.. and ask him to never make us sit again but keep running towards him.. 

May Allah سبحانه وتعالى give me and u the Taufeeq to make Taubah and run towards him.. 


wa Assalam.. 

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