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Regret for wasting Ramadan so far

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Regret For Wasting Ramadan so far!!!

Two thirds of Ramadan have passed and only one-third - the last blessed 10 days remains.

Although we may all differ regarding the two thirds that have passed, there should be only one type of person in the remaining third: the person who is regretful of his negligence and conscious of his shortcomings.

Regardless of one's eagerness to do good deeds, each one of us is guilty of negligence to a certain extent, and thus, we should be absolutely determined to make up for the time we have wasted and strive much harder from this moment onwards.

--- So even though the first two thirds of Ramadan may have been wasted, we must not despair. Rather we should admit that we have been neglectful, wake ourselves up and internalise in our minds - that the final stretch of Ramadan will be not only better,but the best we have ever performed in any previous Ramadan - by the permission of Amighty Allah.

We must act now!

So we must now strive and work as hard as possible for we do not know if this will be our last Ramadan or not!

Regardless of how sinful we are or whether we pray or even fast what matters is that we make a firm intention from this moment onwards that we will change for the better and repent for our past and present sins. These last 10 days and nights of this blessed month is the best opportunity for us to change our lives for the better in getting closer to Allah, connecting with the Qur'an and re-focusing our goals and objectives to that of preperation for the Hereafter! 

So let us not wait for tomorrow but act now in opening our hearts to Allah and crying and begging of him to forgive us and guide us to the straight path. We must strive from now on to better ourselves and to emulate the beloved Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam).

So let us make firm intention right now that we will make every effort and do everything we can from now onwards to get closer to Allah and to spend every aspect of our lives in pleasing him and refraining from anything that may anger or displease him. For if we waste this valuable opportunity and die in this state then surely Allah will ask us that did we not get any opportunities to change? Did no one come to remind us? Did we not get chance after chance? Then how many more chances do we need until death takes us? Do we really know at which moment our death will be? Then surely the wise person acts immediately and does not delay!

Utter regret

Therefore we cannot afford to miss out on this most valuable opportunity as this may be our last Ramadan and our only opportunity to worship on Laylatul Qadr. If we lose this opportunity then surely we will be the biggest losers and in utter regret FOREVER!!!


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“O Servants of Allah! Ramadan is set to move on, and only a little of it remains. If anyone has done well during the month thus far, it is incumbent on him to complete the month in a good fashion. While anyone who has fallen short let him finish in good shape. Only a few days and nights remain, so bid it farewell with righteous actions that will testify for you before the All-Knowing King. 

The hearts of the righteous people are filled with longing, lamenting from the pain of departure. How can a believer not shed tears upon its departure when he does not know if he will live to see it again? 
O Ramadan! Be gentle, the tears of your lovers are pouring out. Their hearts are torn from the pain of your departure. Perhaps standing to bid you farewell will extinguish the burning fire of longing. Perhaps taking a moment to repent will mend everything that has been torn in fast. Perhaps one cut off from the procession of those whose fast has been accepted will be joined with them. Perhaps the one imprisoned by his sins will be freed. Perhaps one deserving to be punished in Hell will be liberated. Perhaps the mercy of the Lord will be granted to the sinner.” 

Lataif Al Ma’arif of Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali, Pg 216

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