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Allah loves those..

Bint e Aisha

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When we think of a religious person who Allāh loves, we tend to think of a man who has a beard, wears an 'imama and a juba, always lives in the mosque, constantly prays, fasts and recites the Qur'an. 

But you know who we tend to forget that Allāh loves?

▪The mother who manages to get up for Fajr despite sleeping less than an hour because her baby was up all night. 

▪The young person who is fighting depression but still musters the strength to get through the day because of a belief that he has in Allāh. 

▪The woman who has to speed through her prayer because her little one is crying. 

▪The man who lays down the mat and prostrates whilst at work. 

▪The lady who wears the hijab correctly in public despite the pressures. 

▪The student who lowers his gaze in an environment in college and university because he is conscious of Allāh.  

▪The individual who wants to fast throughout the month but his medical situation doesn't allow it. 

▪The one who leaves the house in the morning to earn halal so he can feed the family and look after the kids. 

▪The guy who leaves what he used to do because it was wrong and returns to Allāh in remorse such that he often feels down.  

▪The one who can barely recite a page of the Qur'an and doesn't have a great voice but still sits there and tries. 

▪The people who didn't know anything about religion until later on in life but still have the power to humble themselves and seek knowledge.

Piety has many forms and comes in different shapes

If we are obeying Allāh in whichever way we can, then be pleased and know that Allāh loves us. Something small for one man is like climbing a steep mountain for another, and Allāh knows that. He won't let the tears, the tiredness, the effort, the good intentions and the striving go to waste. Allah bless us all with His love.

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