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Bint e Aisha

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This morning I accompanied my beloved teacher, Hadhrat Moulana Suleman Choksi Saheb Damat Barakatuhum to Moulana Ismail Patel Saheb’s house in Reservoir Hills.


Hadhrat Moulana always makes it a point to visit Moulana Ismail Saheb as they are family. Moulana Ismail’s son’s Nikah will be taking place today. Hadhrat Moulana Suleman Choksi Saheb had brought some fruits as a gift. He held a pineapple in his hand and advised the groom to be-


“See this pineapple. Outwardly it is rough with thorns. When you wish to enjoy the pineapple, you peel the skin and remove the roughness and thorns and enjoy the pineapple. You don’t eat the pineapple with the thorns and rough skin.


In marriage, one has to overlook lots of things. Overlook all the negative factors of one’s partner and enjoy the positive factors of your partner. If you concentrate on the negative factors, that will be harmful and detrimental to you.”


All the people around were stunned with the advice and the unique way Hadhrat Moulana Suleman Choksi Saheb presented the short advice.



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