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The Book of Assistance


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as salamu alaikum dear brother


firstly thank you for this very well written booklet. I have a question what is the meaning of 'wird'. İ noticed that some chapters i saw this word, could you explain it?


Wa `alaykumus-salaam


Wird means "devotion".


It simply refers to an act of worship you can "devote" yourself to on a regular basis and with consistency. For example, a wird of durood, a wird of tasbeeh, a wird of Qur'an recitation, a wird of reading up on academic knowledge, a wird of nalf salaat, a wird of contemplation on death, a wird of reflection on the creation of Allah etc...


As the book says, you should not restrict yourself to just one wird, rather you should do a variety of awraad everyday and stay consistent on them.


Important thing is consistency. Start with a little, then steadily increase, and insha'Allah you will find yourself getting closer to Allah.


The authors teacher used to say: "Whoever has no wird is a qird [monkey]!"



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