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erm who is the writer? I don't have a clue!


if it is pent up anger ( I too didn't sense that) then reminds me of yourself!


Anyway just thought I'd mention i removed the link - sorry, wasnt at all sure whether to keep it or not....there is unnecessary linking to the picture and a topic which sort of encourages female leadership seemed inappropriate


On the other hand it shows us how beautiful Islam is. Women remain in their safe sanctuaries and dress for their husbands, not for the media and how the media want them to...from the article


The political field has always been tricky to navigate, but it is more so for women as they struggle to strike a tenuous balance between demonstrating an appropriate level of femininity and having the strength to enforce their own views; if they seem too strong they face being attacked by the public for being too harsh, yet if they are seen as too soft, voters will not take their policies seriously.


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Well thought out analysis though... insha'Allah she'll right more and insha'Allah we can encourage her to write about the issue from an Islamic standpoint too - compare and contrast.




When my great-grandfather was off at war in Yemen (for 20 years!) my great-grandmother was in charge of everything and everyone. I have yet to hear a story about her from the period of time when she was on her own where she forced her will and wishes on others. She was a very practical, Allah fearing woman. There are, however, stories about her after her husband returned where her views on certain subjects would be sought and she would defer to her husband stating it is not a matter for her to comment on or decide - as if she never dealt with any such matters before. SubhanAllah, now THAT to me is true leadership masha'Allah. May Allah Ta'aala forgive their sins and grant them elevated stations in Jannah. Ameen.

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