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Rashad Khalifa and the Submitters


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Rashad Khalifa immigrated to the United States in 1959, where he earned a Ph.D in biochemistry. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen, living in Tucson, Arizona.


He founded the religious group called United Submitters International (USI), a group which considers itself to be the true Islam, but prefers not to use the terms "Muslim" or "Islam," instead using the English equivalents of the Arabic: "Submitter" or "Submission."


Submitters believe Khalifa was a messenger of God and refer to him as God's messenger of the covenant as prophesied in the Quran and Bible, after which today's "corrupted" religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam, will simply die out, and "Submission" will prevail.


Specific beliefs of the USI include the dedication of all worship practices to God alone, upholding the Qur'an alone, and rejecting the traditional hadith and sunnah as fabrications and lies attributed to Muhammad by his enemies

The submitters are followers of the late Rashad Khalifa,
a man who claimed to be a Messenger of Allah.
This claim in itself is sufficient to remove the Submitters from Islam.
Though he no longer lives, his followers continue to hold beliefs of Kufr.

Please, if possible, can you give me any information on Rashad Khalifah and the submitters. Its for my personal research. Jazakallah.


Rashad Khalifa may claim to be a muslim, but the claims he makes and the beliefs that he holds are unislamic and in fact they are the basis of Kufr (disbelief). A mere glance at his website would reveal this.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai




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From their website:



After more than 12 years of computerized research of Quran, PHYSICAL EVIDENCE was discovered proving that Quran is indeed the infallible word of God. This discovery became very popular among the Muslim masses throughout the world, and summaries of the work were printed and distributed by the millions. My personal popularity soared along with this most exciting, and most humbling, discovery.


The continued research then unveiled a startling fact; that the extremely popular "Hadith & Sunna" have nothing to do with the prophet Muhammad, and that adherence thereto represents flagrant disobedience of God and His final prophet (Quran 6:112 & 25:31).


This finding contradicts the beliefs of Muslim masses everywhere. Consequently, my personal popularity, and even the popularity of the Quran's miracle, plunged to the point of endangering my life and reputation. As it turned out, telling the Muslims that "Hadith & Sunna" are Satanic inventions is the same as telling the Christians that Jesus is not the son of God.


Since the recognition of "Hadith & Sunna" as Satanic innovations is supported by PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, all freethinking people will accept the findings reported in this book. For such people, the results include a totally new sense of salvation, and full awareness that the Muslim masses have fallen victim to Satan's schemes.

Rashad Khalifa

August 19, 1982





We are a group of like-minded, monotheistic individuals all over the world who share the same fundamental belief of worshiping God ALONE and following Quran ALONE as the only valid and divine source of religious laws and guidance. Quran is our credential, and the only source of reference




Their Message:

God's Messenger of the Covenant is a consolidating messenger. His mission is to purify and unify all existing religions into one: Islam (Submission).
Islam is NOT a name; it is a description of one's total submission and devotion to God ALONE, without idolizing Jesus, Mary, Muhammad, or the saints. Anyone who meets this criterion is a "Muslim" (Submitter). Therefore, one may be a Muslim Jew, a Muslim Christian, a Muslim Hindu, a Muslim Buddhist, or Muslim Muslim.

God's Messenger of the Covenant delivers God's proclamation that "The only religion approved by God is Submission" (3:19) and that "Anyone who seeks other than Submission as a religion, it will not be accepted from him/her" (3:85).



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Assalaamu 'alaykum warahmatullah.

jazaakallaahu khayran for posting the article however as you will have noticed the post has been removed temporarily until the source and authenticity can be established.


Who is the author mentioned in the post?


Email addresses cannot be posted on the forum so this will be removed from the post

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My naming is Noorul Hassan and I'm a sunni muslim residing in India. I have been deviated and diverted by Rashad Khalifa's followers for few years. 


My maternal Uncle (C.T.MOHAMED) the co-author of the article (About "Quran, The Final Testament: By Rashad Khalifa") who was a  professor, principal in many poly-engineering colleges in India and his Qualification is "bachelor of engineering". 


He is a sincere reader of Quran translations for more than 40 years, who is good with translating Quran in multiple languages. He is a known Islamic scholar in his circle. He use to participate in religious debates with non-Muslims as he is an expert in cross religious learning and analysis.


Once he came to know that I'm in the trap of Rashad group, he gone through Rashad's translation and written this article originally and relieved me from that trap with Allah's Mercy.  


As the article was originally appeared only as a brief note we discussed together and elaborated it to point 'how it looks like now'.  


We worked for a long time to ensure that it not only warn the Muslim Um-ma but also it brings back the whole rashad group back to Islam. 


The reason for Quoting only Quran as the source of reference throughout the article is because the actual targeted group is the deviant sect- Rashad group. 


So kindly re-consider and publish the article as an comment, after removing our common contact email id: [email protected] also you can publish it either with one of our names A.M.NOORUL HASSAN OR C.T.MOHAMED or with combined names like A.M.NOORUL HASSAN AND C.T.MOHAMED.




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Wa'alaykumus salaam warahmatullah

Brother in Islam, Jazakallah for elaborating and explaining. Allah guides whom He wishes and may He guide every single one of us to the right path, aameen


InshaAllah will read through the article (as it is quite long and detailed with Qur'anic verses) and will inshaAllah repost. You must understand that at IslamicTeachings we are very careful of the sources of articles which is why we remove posts initially if unsure.

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