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  1. IN THE NAME OF ALLAH ASSALAMU ALAIKUM, My naming is Noorul Hassan and I'm a sunni muslim residing in India. I have been deviated and diverted by Rashad Khalifa's followers for few years. My maternal Uncle (C.T.MOHAMED) the co-author of the article (About "Quran, The Final Testament: By Rashad Khalifa") who was a professor, principal in many poly-engineering colleges in India and his Qualification is "bachelor of engineering". He is a sincere reader of Quran translations for more than 40 years, who is good with translating Quran in multiple languages. He is a known Islamic scholar in his circle. He use to participate in religious debates with non-Muslims as he is an expert in cross religious learning and analysis. Once he came to know that I'm in the trap of Rashad group, he gone through Rashad's translation and written this article originally and relieved me from that trap with Allah's Mercy. As the article was originally appeared only as a brief note we discussed together and elaborated it to point 'how it looks like now'. We worked for a long time to ensure that it not only warn the Muslim Um-ma but also it brings back the whole rashad group back to Islam. The reason for Quoting only Quran as the source of reference throughout the article is because the actual targeted group is the deviant sect- Rashad group. So kindly re-consider and publish the article as an comment, after removing our common contact email id: [email protected] also you can publish it either with one of our names A.M.NOORUL HASSAN OR C.T.MOHAMED or with combined names like A.M.NOORUL HASSAN AND C.T.MOHAMED. VASSALAAM NOOR
  2. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikum, ADMIN EDIT Post removed
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