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Lost (Or Sick) During Hajj


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It is quite easy to become lost or separated from ones group during Hajj. On such occasions  one can become confused and alarmed. There is no need to feel alarmed since the Hujjaaj are "guests" of Allah ta'ala and He will most certainly create means by which help will become available. Following is information from this Source which will inshaAllah be useful.(there is much more information at the source mentioned however we have posted here only essential information to keep in mind in case of becoming lost or sick) 






Doors of the Haram


There are over a hundred doors to enter the Haram from.  All of them look very similar but fortunately, are numbered both on the inside and outside, with most having a name also, the names and numbers being both in Arabic and English.  These doors are numbered in an ascending order following an anticlockwise fashion with Bab Malik Abdul Aziz being Gate no. 1.


Bab-us-Salaam is Door No. 24 and on many an occasion is closed because of people performing Sa’ee very near this door.


Near Door No. 13 is a “Lost and Found Centre”, both for lost articles and lost people on the ground floor and Door 65 on the first floor!


Ladies' area is generally to the left hand side of the entrance to the Masjid of most of the main entrances.


Be warned that Door No. 1 is usually used for the Janaazaa being carried out after the Fardh Salaat.  Thus be co-operative by not blocking this doorway.





If you do get lost anywhere in the city or its environs, locate the “Pilgrims Assistance Booths” which are set up all over to help the Hujjaajj locate their hotels, tents, Jamaraat, Masjids, etc.  Alternatively, all of you could designate a noticeable landmark to meet at in case of getting lost




Medical Facilities


These are emergency facilities and are situated near Doors No. 5, 64 and 94.


There is also an emergency clinic outside Door No. 45 (=Babul Fatha).












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Hospitals in holy sites (7/8):

1- The 800-bed Arafat General Hospital, 24 beds for sunstroke patients, 130 beds for heat exhaustion patients.

2- The 30-bed Jabal Al Rahmah Hospital, 4 beds for sunstroke patients, 150 beds for heat exhaustion patients.

3- Arafat's Mobile Hospital (100) beds at the heat exhaustion center, 8 cooling units, 50 beds for admittance.

4- Mina General Hospital (350 beds).

5- King Abdul Aziz Bridge Hospital in Mina (120 beds).

6- The 370- beds Namera Hospital, 8 beds for sunstroke and 71 beds for heat exhaustion.

7- The 130-beds Mina Al Wadi Hospital, 10 beds for Intensive Care Unit.


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The following hospitals serve pilgrims in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah:

1- King Fahd Hospital (500 beds).

2- The Obstetrics and Paediatrics Hospital (500 beds).

3- Badr Charitable Hospital (216 beds).

4- Chest Diseases Hospital (120 beds).

5- Isolation Hospital (57 beds).

6- Common Diseases Hospital (200 beds).

7- Al Ansar Hospital (130 beds).

8- Al-Migat Hospital (120 beds).

9- Ohud Hospital (239 beds).

10- Madinatul Hujjaj Hospital (36 beds)

11- Al-Hanakiyah Hospital (68 beds).

12- Khaiber General Hospital (50beds).

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