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Tragedy Of The Leicester Fire Deaths


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Nothing brings the reality of death in one's heart like a tragic and unexpected death of someone one knows. The tragic fire incident in Leicester on Thursday night was one such incident for my family.  


I remember a sweet and gentle sister, devoted to studies of the Deen; I remember seeing her last in a little library at the Darul Uloom she studied, surrounded by huge books and I remember being inspired by her! She qualified as an 'Aalimah in August 2013 and immediately joined a class to improve her Qur'an recitation. She died therefore as a student of Deen on Thursday night; Stages upon stages of dying as a student of Deen, on a Friday and as a Martyr!

May Allah subhaanahu wata'ala elevate the stages of the family and grant sabrun jameel to Dr Tawfeeq Sahib who lost his beloved wife, three children and his home.

The following is advice given by our respected Sahykh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (Hafizahullah)

He mentioned seven points in todays evening majlis regarding yesterdays incident..

1. we should feel sorrow in our heart for this tragic incident as they are our family in Islam whether we know them or not

2. we should go to do taaziyat of the people left behind..not go to increase their sadness but to decrease it by giving comfort

3. if this incident has been done purposefully then make dua for the hidayat of such people who could heartlessly take innocent lives

4. Make dua for the deceased and do isaale Thawab

5. Do not involve in unnecessary speculations of what has happened or what could have happened

6. The grief felt by the father upon losing all the members of his family is undescribable, In a hadith Nabi Sallallahu Alayhi wasallam mentions that the person who misses his asr salaah it is as if he has lost all his family and belongings ie that is how much grief we should feel upon missing any one salah.
So be punctual.

7. They had a sudden death..they had no idea that their death was coming that night so we should think also that my death could also be sudden..they had a good death Mashallah travellers, seeking knowledge, shuhadaa, death on a friday..but where will our death be..may it not be while we are sinning away..

May Allah Ta'aala grant us all Tawfiq to take lessons from this incident Aameen

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Waalaikumussalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu:

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon.

Ameen. May Allah Ta'aala accept the sacrifices of this family, forgive their sins, and accept them as shuhada, elevate them in jannah, and grant them the companionship of the nabiyyeen, siddiqeen, shuhadaa, and saliheen; and may He grant the father, family, fellow students, and friends sabr and support. Ameen.

I first heard this news elsewhere and insha'Allah here are some remarkable things that were shared:


"... Aslm just thought I’d share this with my dear sisters from my nephew whose currently studying Alim in jamiah ...

You know that boy from first year yeah, he had his first Anjuman Speech today, we do Bayaans on Fridays, so today was his groups turn to do Bayaan, and he prepared his topic and notes and everything. Guess what his topic was? Death

They had all four four privileges man.
1. Travellers, who came to seek knowledge; Shaheed.
2. Students of Knowledge; Shaheed
3. Died in a fire; Shaheed
4. Died on a Friday; Shaheed

Maulana Imran said that the boy prepared his speech, topic on death. Maulana Imran said forget speaking to us about death, Allah actually practically USED him in the topic of death to show us all and make us all take a lesson from it and make it go down deep into our hearts, instead of him just speaking about it

He was about to speak on the topic, but he actually showed us. Subhanallah!!
Maulana Imran started crying he said that he saw Bilal everyday, he used to walk into the class to teach and Bilal used to be there with a smiley face every day. And today he walks into class and there's that seat empty"

Just shows...our lives are so short n temporary in this dunya, n we r well aware that the akhirah is the real n true abode, but we busy ourselves with petty little useless issues, n Allah knows better than ourselves how many other useless things we busy ourselves with.

May Allah truly make this incident a real eye opener n make us all n our families n all the muslims all over the world true n sincere servants of His, forgive us n guide us on the right path, unite us all with respect towards 1 another, regardless of which country we live in or cum from, which culture or language we speak.

Ameen Yaa Rabbal Aa'lameen


...That lady mother of those 3 teenagers shehnaz aapa , I have met her twice and she was such an innocent , loving and Allah wali aunty. I really don't have words to write about her. This year she herself completed her aalimah course at jamia (Molana Adam db's madarsa). And in her bukhari sharif jalasa Molana Adam db praised her and told the whole gathering how this whole family was passionate about deen. They had bought place in Ireland to open madarsa there and they were about to move back next year.. But Allah has moved them from this temporary abode to a more peaceful place now. May Allah tala grant them higher ranks in jannah and give their dad Dr. Tauqeer sabr e jameel. And make this event an eye opener for me and all other muslimeen. And grant us ability to make each and every moment of our life pleasing to Him.


Ameen thumma ameen.

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  • Dawah Team

The father of Mufti Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari, Maulana Adam (HA) said in his Majlis 2 nights ago:


A dream was seen regarding the Shuhadaa'. The mother was dressed in green (Sign of Jannah and a great sign of glad tidings if colour green is seen in a dream), and all the three children were dressed in white (Another sign of Jannah and glad tidings if white colour is seen), and all of them were very happy, saying that today is our 'Eid.

Hadhrat said their bodies may be here, all deceased and lifeless, but what is happening to them and their souls behind the scenes is something else. The purpose isn't their bodies. Their life in the hereafter has nothing to do with their bodies of this life (A temporary packaging, a container for where our souls are kept in this life), rather, whilst their bodies are kept here in this world, they and their souls are in the Aakhirah enjoying themselves for eternity. SubhaanAllah ...


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Leicester Fire: Prayers Held For Victims An estimated 7,000 mourners gather for a prayer service for four family members who died in a blaze at their home.

Thousands of mourners have attended a funeral prayer service for a mother and her three children who died in a suspected arson attack.

An estimated 7,000 people gathered in Leicester's Spinney Hill Park to pay their respects to the memory of Shehnila Taufiq, 47, and her teenage children, daughter Zainab, and sons Bilal and Jamal.

Mrs Taufiq's husband, Dr Muhammad Taufiq al Sattar, was among those who addressed the half-hour service, thanking mourners and police for their support


Seven people have been charged with murdering the four family members, who died in the blaze at their home in the Spinney Hills area of Leicester on September 13.


Speaking during the service, Dr Taufiq , who works in Dublin as a neurosurgeon, told mourners: "It's a sad day, my heart is crying. I would like to thank all of you for coming.


"I know our hearts are breaking but all the brothers and sisters are with me, everybody from Leicester from all denominations, outside Leicester and throughout the world."


The funeral prayers, taking place ahead of a burial service in Dublin at the weekend, were open to the public so that members of the local community could attend.


Speaking to the media following the service, Dr Taufiq , whose wife and children were studying Islamic literature in Leicester, said the prayers had given him a sense of peace and tranquillity.


The surgeon also said he had drawn strength from his religious faith since the fire, and was keen to continue to work for the benefit of the wider community in Ireland.


Dr Taufiq told reporters: "I am not angry, yes my heart is broken. I cried a few times today carrying the coffins of my family (but) I am going to continue the work my wife and my children have left for me."






Coffins of the four family members who died in the suspected arson attack

As mourners gathered on a grass area in the park before the service, Chief Superintendent Rob Nixon, of Leicestershire Police, said: "It's good to see so many people wishing to pay their respects.


"It's a tragic incident that has had a very significant impact on the local community."


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Yes being patient in a calamity is definite tough as is being grateful while in ease and comfort and safety which is also when one can forget Allah ta'ala.


As for the respected Doctor, he is showing amazing strength and patience. After the funerals he has dedicated his life to bring fruition to the vision his wife and children had. As he said in an interview recently, he could easily take the easy way out and retire from work but he wishes to continue his work as well the wonderful work of deen he has begun in Ireland for which his whole family was dedicated...may ALLAH GRANT HIM GREAT STAGES!

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