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An Earnest Plea For Du'as From Our Member!

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Assalaamu 'alaykum!


An earnest plea was sent in by one of our members requesting us all to include them in our dua's.



Respected Brother,


Walaikum As-Salam


As our family members undergoing turmoil during this sacred month, due to sudden chronic kidney failure of my 22 aged daughter, I have undergone various medical tests, to check and confirm, if I can donate one of my kidney to my daughter. We have some more tests and the panel of doctors will determine, if I can donate one of kidney by this Friday evening.


I would sincerely request all our brothers and sisters in Islam to kindly offer duwas during this holy month of Ramadhan that Inshallah our kidney transplant should go smoothly without any pain or trouble.


Kindly request and forward this message to all our brothers and sisters in Islam to offer duwas for me and my daughter


Allah Hafiz




We request all our readers to include the family in your du'as. May Allah subhaanahu wata'ala alleviate the worries of our brother/sister in Islam and grant complete recovery to their daughter, Aameen.


Let us also include the whole Ummah in our du'as in this blessed month.



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Assalaamu 'alaykum.

Update from our member:



Respected Brothers & Sisters in Islam, 

As-Salam-Alaikum I would like to inform you that our final date for Kidney Transplant has been fixed for Wednesday, 7th August 2013 early morning. However, I would once again request all brothers and sisters, to make announcement in mosque where they are offering Salat-ul-Taraveeh, specially on Tuesday 6th August 2013, that our Kidney Transplant is successful without suffering from pain. Allah Hafiz 




Please continue making du'a

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Update: On enquiry, we received the following reply


Respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam,


All your duwas and namaz made our kidney transplant successful and we have been discharged from hospital 3 days back.


But I still need all your duwas in your every namaz to heal our wounds as soon as possible.


Allah Hafiz




Alhamdulillah! May Allah ta'ala grant them complete recovery with 'aafiyat, Aameen.

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