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Slaughter Of Deobandi Ulamah & Students In Bangladesh

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Mufti Kifayatullah of Hathazari Madressah in Bangladesh (Largest Institute in Bangladesh) has confirmed that over 3 000 Ulema & Talabaa (students of deen) have been mercilessly Martyred
Salams.Just called Bangladesh. All electricity is cut off and all media is blocked. It's completely shut down. Our people are saying that they used helicopters to shoot the students and Ullemas. There is no confirmed figure at the moment of how many dead as the army is taking away the dead bodies and clearing the streets. The situation is very very bad. The Ullema of Deoband in Bangladesh are always at the forefront and always sacrifice their lives for our deen. Please continue to make dua for them and the deceased. I will keep getting updates and let you know inshallah. Abdul Ahad. Uk
Last night, between 50 to 100 Ulema were Martyred in Bangladesh. Their Blood was flowing for approximately 20 kms.Request for Duas
Firing still ongoing. Toll has reached 3500. Protest was called for in Dhaka by Ml Shafi Saheb who is a shaagird of Hadhrat Madani and principal of Hathazari. The firing was on those who had attended the protest. Electricity was cut in Dhaka and at around 3am firing was opened on the area where the Ulama and talaba were spending the night.
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wa'alaykumus salaam ww

sis are you close to where this is happening? May Allah ta'ala protect and help the Muslims of BD and around the world! An 'aalim we know was recently there visiting family and he got arrested and detained for a few weeks ...he was showing my husband the bruises!

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