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A Night In A Muslim Household


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Moulana Ismail (ra), the father of Moulana Ilyas (ra), had a rule in his house that at all times throughout the night someone would be up doing some sort of ibadah. This was the system of his household.


So it was that first Moulana Yahya (ra), the middle son, would be up doing mutala, studying until about 1am. Then Moulana Ismail (ra) would wake up and Moulana Yahya (ra) would go to sleep. Then Moulana Ismail (ra) would do ibadah for some time and then he would go to sleep and before going to bed he would wake up the eldest son Moulana Muhammad (ra) and then Moulana Muhammad (ra) would be up in worship. This is how the night would pass in their house; throughout the night someone in the house would be up in worship. Look at how maqbool, accepted, this action of the family was that just simply from reading this brings happiness and joy to our heart, makes us proud that such people passed in our ummah and gives us inspiration to be like that. Our homes and our nights are quite different.


from FususAlHikam's blog on sunniforum

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