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Brutal Crackdown On Islam In Bangladesh (90% Muslims)

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Deputy Speaker of Bangladeshi Parliament said in Parliament, "...We see too many women wearing the Burqa, Women should be free in their movement. Why should they cover themselves? Wearing of Burqa is increasing in the villages, women with ugly faces using religion to cover their ugly faces..."



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  • Dawah Team



U tube  is  banned here .  Br , can u  mention the  date  of the speech ?


It was a seminar held by a group called 'Shamprodayikota-Jongibad Birodhi Moncho' on 17 July, 2010. In the seminar, Shawkat Ali MP, a ruling party lawmaker and deputy speaker at the house, told, "Women in burqa, I saw a very few of them in my childhood. Their number has increased now. Women those wear burqa, are used to have ugly faces, in fact they use burqa to hide their ugly face in name of religion." We cannot even imagine the atmosphere of a house if it's deputy chair is

used to have so rotten attitude like this. This is absolutely disgraceful. www.bangladeshfirst.com



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